Increase your organizations ability to innovate

Have you tried to innovate new solutions but somehow getting started is just too hard? You have tried to boost innovation in internal workshops and brainstormings, but the excitement fails after a while and the outcome is zero?

Change needs to be organised and Innovation needs to be lead.

There are more innovation techniques and methods out there than you can imagine ( e.g. Design thinking, Jobs-To-Be-Done, Double diamond, Lean Startup, Google Design Sprint, Open innovation, Co-creation etc. ) and none of these have a single magic formula. Using and mastering some of these techniques  is not enough for building an innovation capability to the organisation.

Innovation challenges differ from one organization to another. Just as each innovation is unique, so is an organization’s culture. The process of innovation that works in one place will not necessarily work in another. To really succeed you need a supportive culture, arsenal of tools in your innovation toolbox , an framework to help you move from fuzzy front end through to implementation and measurement.

Do you want to enable new innovation capability and customer-centricity in your organisation? Download these top 4 tips to get you started.

Typical challenge example

An amusement park wants to ensure that their customers enjoy the whole time during their visit at the amusement park. They want to maximise the positive experiences and minimise the negative experiences at the park.

They have named the negative experience as a “Experience loss”. The most common negative experience in the amusement park is by far the queuing .

The management is struggling to find a way to minimise the “Experience loss” and to build metrics to measure it. How can we solve this challenge?

We are solving the most complex business challenges by developing solutions that are custom-built around the customer

What and how

We help our clients to become more agile and innovative. We help in spreading the human-centered, experimental, and co-creative way of working within our clients organization.

First steps:
1.Building understanding
-Current state evaluation, needs and requirements
-Framing the challenge – finding the right problem to solve

-Lessons on selected innovation methods
-Choosing a method for piloting

3.Learning by doing
-Engage all stageholders
-Define KPIs
-Understanding what success looks like
-Start the first pilot project

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