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Do you have a great business idea and the team to make it happen, but find yourself stuck?

We will help your company to climb that next step.


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Apply now to become a Sofokus Push® program participant and accelerate your business. Sofokus Push® is a co-operational program in which we form a strategic alliance with you to speed up your digital business.

What are the requirements?

Anyone with a great team, a scalable business idea and far-reaching goals. It doesn’t matter if you’re only just getting started, don’t yet have a clear view about how to market yourself or have considerable turnover

Can do-attitude. We’re looking for early stage start-ups that are agile and ready to break fences.

Born digital. Digital technologies are at the very core of your business, or you want them to be.

A winning team. Your team has earned its spurs and has made great things happen before.

Business first. At least one of the team members is dedicated full-time to building the company up.

Growth oriented. We are looking for teams that value growth, as growing requires stepping outside of one’s comfort zone.

The missing piece. You bring added value to our community of growth-oriented businesses.

You’re looking for more than just funding. We’re not your typical venture capital firm or an angel investor. We are prepared to take the risk and get our hands dirty with you.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Mahatma Gandhi

Why Sofokus Push® ?

Building a business has dramatically changed over the past few years. Global success is available for everyone, but at the same time competition is harsher than ever. The know-how of building a successful digital business has become fundamentally different from what it was. More cloud, than earth. More about the technology, but even more than that about the people. Old truths no longer hold. We know these growing pains, since we’ve been around to witness both the birth and take-off of the internet as well as the mobile revolution. Now we want to share our experience with you and help you succeed. If you are a start-up in our target group, you’ll get the full package from us, starting from business design and data analytics ranging all the way to software development, mentoring and of course funding.

We have experience in scaling beginner companies into considerable players. We’ve been around for 20 years and in that time have helped build several success stories. Companies like Someco, Liveto and Kauppahalli24 have all been a part of Sofokus Push.

“We started working with Sofokus in 2012 and in the following years our turnover grew to exceed seven numbers.”
Hanna-Kaisa Risku, Marketing Director, Kauppahalli24
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“Liveto was conceived, when as an event planner I became frustrated by being unable to control my own events online by myself.”
Antti Korhonen, CEO & Founder, Liveto
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“I believe that every company needs to be its own media.”
Minna Valtari, CEO & Founder, Someco
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Sofokus Push® model

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Pitch us your idea.

Business Design. Benchmarking, Clarifying your concept. Understanding and segmenting your customers. Business models.

Service Design. Prototypes. Typical outcome: A digital business MVP

Sofokus delivers & Sofokus Invests
Sofokus offers its services normally or invests as an equity partner

Do you want a sparring partner to get your business going? Contact us!

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Head of Ecosystems & Sales

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