Blip is a media company that focuses on digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising. Blip uses smart and social content in its outdoor ads, which creates interesting possibilities for campaigns and makes DOOH advertising part of the urban landscape.

Blip’s collaboration with Sofokus bore fruit very quickly – the jointly set goal ensured that Blip was able to utilize a finished product right after the initial phase. The product was an electronic management tool for digital outdoor media or a media space, also called an inventory and Sofokus was responsible for its technical execution. The tool is meant for digital outdoor media network owners and sales companies who want to manage their available media spaces and sold campaigns with as little hassle as possible.

Sofokus Clients - Blip

Tuukka Korolainen and Elmeri Koski from Blip


For Blip, receiving a finished product also meant the beginning of their own client work – Blip’s industry peers in Finland and abroad have been able to adopt the management tool jointly produced by Sofokus and Blip.

“One of the advantages has been the increase we’ve seen in productivity. Now we’re able to use our resources more efficiently. This is also the first thing that we can now offer to our peer companies: better time management through campaign and media space management.”
-Tuukka Korolainen, Entrepreneur, Blip

“The biggest benefit we’ve received from putting these plans into motion is the way it has improved our own work and time management. We’ve been able to free up several hours a week, which we can now use for other things.”
-Elmeri Koski, Entrepreneur, Blip


At Blip, the first step of sales traditionally included a lot of spreadsheets, note pads and Post-its. These were thrown out the window after the collaboration began, since the web-based real-time tool enabled the gathering of sales data in one place. It’s now possible to efficiently keep an eye on the existing as well as prospective capacity and sold campaigns and to monitor the materials needed. This part of the business has thus benefited significantly as well. Furthermore, there has been support to the objectives defined at the outset of the collaboration, which aimed at creating a product that would enable the business to experience comprehensive growth.

“As we’ve been working on developing the application, Sofokus has also given a lot of support to the growth of our business. It’s essential to think about the business model, even when it comes to the development of a single product. With this product, it led us into the SaaS business.”
-Tuukka Korolainen, Entrepreneur, Blip


Blip recognized Sofokus’ high level of core and development competencies at a very early stage, which made starting and continuing the collaboration easier.

Blip has been happy with the well-functioning collaboration, which has felt as if there’s only one team working on the project instead of teams from two different companies.

“I haven’t felt like there’s an external team somewhere, doing something; instead, it’s almost like we’re part of a single team.”
-Elmeri Koski, Entrepreneur, Blip


Communication has been easy and frequent, and it has been supported by the use of agile methods. The client was happy that there was time to think about which problems to tackle and to do enough groundwork before jumping into application development mode. After bringing both parties were up-to-date on how things were going to progress, starting development work was quite easy.

“The business aspect hasn’t been forgotten along the way, and it’s been nice to notice that we’re approaching things business first. Comprehensive development and understanding the business-side of things are Sofokus’ strong suit.” -Elmeri Koski, Entrepreneur, Blip


Right at the beginning, Sofokus and Blip sat down to look at the roadmap for the future. The meeting soon revealed that the problem the two companies were trying to solve was shared by many of Blip’s industry peers outside Finland’s borders. The future holds the development of the product with this in mind. The objective is to harness the power of platform mentality to discover interfaces to other outdoor media systems and to make the tool even more comprehensive.

“We’ve now taken the first step and laid the foundation for the future.” -Elmeri Koski, Entrepreneur, Blip


Sofokus Clients - Blip