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Business design

We sculpt your business models to fit the New Normal era, function in a customer-centred way and maximize the benefits of digitality.

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Service design

We innovate and develop digital services that exceed your customers’ expectations and support your business goals.

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UI design

We design user interfaces that work, are accessible, and serve your customers and business goals.

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Startup funding

We invest in early-stage startups with strongly digitalised business concepts and an aim for rapid growth.

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Software development

We provide demanding software development for your business needs. Software solutions are designed and implemented with your entire business lifecycle in mind.

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Software architecture

Software architecture defines how well an application critical to your operations scales, localizes and adapts as business needs change.

Sofokus Palvelut

We design modern business concepts and implement them with digital solutions.

Human-centered development of digital business

We help companies find solutions to their business challenges and development needs and encourage them to view their business critically. We have a hands-on way of working and we believe in the power of collaboration. We challenge you to think and question familiar habits and patterns.

We do not give pre-chewed answers on how something should be done, but we look for solutions together with the customer’s own experts. For this reason, we utilize, for example, workshop work in our projects.

While we are experienced service designers and builders, we don’t want to label too much of our work with consulting terms. Instead, we strive to find a way to find solutions to each customer’s problem or challenge.

Sofokus Palvelut
“Sofokus’ customer centricity is reflected in their solution-orientedness, no-frills language and prompt communication.”
Ullamari Hyyryläinen
Customer Relationship Manager, Toyota Finance Finland Ltd