This is what we’re like

We believe that motivation creates success. When environment supports and encourages people the right way, growth is inevitable – we have had the chance to prove this with our own eyes. That is why we are far more interested in your personality and motivation than what we are in your CV.

This is what we offer you

  • Work that actually matters.

  • The best work community (if you ask us).

  • Opportunity to develop and evolve.

  • Flexible working hours.

  • Power and responsibility to lead yourself.

  • Office spaces for efficient working and recreation.

  • Opportunity for remotework.

  • Various collective activities.

  • Comprehensive healthcare plan.



More questions? Here’s some aswers!

How do I apply for a position at Sofokus?

Please use our recruiting page to check out and apply for open vacancies. After spotting a position you find interesting, register to our portal and send your application with a CV attached.

How does your recruitment process proceed?

Our politics is to start screening the applications as soon as they arrive. If you find a position that feels like a perfect match, don’t waste any time because neither will we if we find what we are looking for. We promise to contact you within a maximum of two weeks’ time but we might call or approach you by an e-mail even during the same day. So check your e-mail regularly.

We will always introduce you to more than one person before making any decisions to hire. This is to make sure that you and us both feel sure of what we are getting into. You get to meet your future colleagues and we get a better understanding of you as a potential member of our team. With this being said, there will always be more than one round of interviews.

I would like to make an internship/traineeship at Sofokus. Is that possible?

Yes. That’s more than possible. Sofokus offers some internship opportunities for talented and motivated young professionals. However, please keep in mind that we cannot offer summer jobs. We want to offer a proper learning experience to all of our trainees and since our own employees are on holidays during summer, we cannot take interns during that time.

I am interested in writing my thesis work for Sofokus. Do you offer topics for theses?

We might come up with a suitable thesis topic after having a chat with you. We encourage you to contact us through an open application and state in the application clearly, what are you looking for. If we happen to have something available, we will contact you and invite you to stop by our office.

I want to work for Sofokus but there are no relevant vacancies open. What can I do?

You are always welcome to send us open application. We are growing both in Turku and in Helsinki and are always interested in people with potential Sofo-spirit! Go and fill-in the open application here.