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Careers at Sofokus

Enjoy Better Mondays with us

We’re a bunch of friendly and motivated professionals who believe that together we can achieve great things. Our team of 35 have backgrounds varying from traditional to quite surprising – so we’re much more interested in your personality than your CV. We value both your time and skills and want you to feel part of us. Perhaps we could offer you a Better Monday®?

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What we offer you

flexible working

Flexible working hours


The possibility to work remotely – even from abroad

develop evolve

The opportunity to evolve and grow professionally

joint activities

Lots of social activities, like sports and leisure clubs, game nights, excursions and parties


Work that really matters


Facilities for productive work, without forgetting relaxation and fun

health care

Exceptionally comprehensive occupational health care


The freedom and responsibility to lead your own work

Above all, we offer opportunities to grow and develop

When the environment supports and encourages people in the right way, growth is inevitable.

As a Sofokusian, you can challenge yourself, learn new things and expand your comfort zone as much as you want. You’ll always be in a safe environment and get all the support you need from your skilled and supportive colleagues. We want to find meaningful and motivating projects for everyone, and we encourage you to share your learnings with your colleagues. To help us learn as an organisation, we arrange monthly developer workshops, Sofokus Academy events and “ES breakfasts” (yep, as in the Euro Shopper energy drink) to showcase what has been learned from our projects.

Everyone in our team can contribute to shaping the future of Sofokus.

We believe that we can only thrive in the new normal with transparency, the lowest possible hierarchy and the ability to adapt quickly. That’s why we want to involve our whole team in decision-making and encourage everyone to share their wildest development ideas. Sofokus does not have a traditional executive team at all, instead we organise monthly “The Expendables” meetings open to all. We guarantee that your opportunities to give feedback won’t be limited to one annual satisfaction survey that gets buried at the bottom of the drawer, instead we constantly seek feedback and ideas for improvement, which we have used to create many of the innovations that drive us forward. Some of the latest initiatives we’ve decided on together include a company-wide bonus programme, joint technology workshops for developers, and the opportunity to book a career coaching session with our Chief Happiness Officer.

Ura Sofokuksella
“With the support of your colleagues, you’ll be able to step out of your comfort zone and skyrocket your professional development – while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.”
Milla Kallio
Chief Happiness Officer

10 characteristics of our culture

  1. Continuous learning: ‘When we stop learning, we stop being.’ Failures are also excellent learning opportunities.
  2. Transparency: everyone can contribute to decison-making (e.g. The Expendables) and give and receive valuable feedback.
  3. People first: although we take our work seriously, we certainly take everyday life at Sofokus lightly. We love to see each other, organise lots of activities together and have fun together also outside of work.
  4. We are not machines: we all take care of each other’s work-life balance.
  5. Courage: We require ourselves to have the courage to experiment and learn. We may challenge you, but only to help you achieve even greater things.
  6. We don’t stop moving forward: we are constantly exploring new trends, technologies and business opportunities.
  7. Accountability: we want to be worthy of our customers’ trust, and it’s a matter of pride for us to deliver our work as agreed.
  8. Hunger for growth: to grow as people and professionals, we need a healthy dose of hunger for it.
  9. Hybrid: We have been working remotely for years before the new normal. You won’t be left out, even if you prefer your home office.
  10. Creating value: no matter how big or small the project, we always want to create real business value for our clients.
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Here’s how our recruitment process works

phase 1

Step 1: Submit your application

Send us an application expressing your interest and motivation. Convince us that you want to be part of our team.

phase 2

Step 2: We review your application

We’ll review your application as fast as possible and promise to get back to you within two weeks. We’ll reach out to you by phone or email, so please remember to check your email regularly.

phase 3

Step 3: Let’s meet

Welcome to drop by! Let’s discuss your wishes, your goals and what we can offer you.

phase 4

Step 4: Get to know your future colleagues

Depending on your role, you’ll meet your future colleagues in one or more meetings. Discussions with more than one of our team members will give you a better idea of our company and the kind of people you will be working with.

phase 5

Step 5: Fine-tuning the details

Do we hear a symphony of souls? Great! In that case, let’s work out together the details, like the final touches to your job description.

phase 6

Step 6: The job is yours

As we like to put it: welcome home. 🙂

Catalina Butnaru in Better Monday podcast interview

Leave an open application!

We’re always looking for talented people who fit our culture, so don’t hesitate to apply even if there isn’t an open position matching your profile right now. Send your open application and CV to our Chief Happiness Officer Milla by email and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also submit an open application if you are looking for an internship.

Milla Kallio
Chief Happiness Officer
+358 40 837 2562