We design and build digital services for all shapes, sizes and sectors. What our clients have in common is the desire to build something new through digital.


Identity management streamlines member services

Rakli is Finland’s largest association of professional property owners, real estate investors, facility managers and constructors. We helped Rakli redesign and implement a new extranet for their members and streamline its permission control with identity and access management.

pasi virtakari n828jyreeew unsplash 1
A-klinikkasäätiö / Sofokuksen asiakastarinat

A-Clinic Foundation

Extensive service reform supports people in need even more effectively

The A-Clinic Foundation is a non-profit foundation focusing on social work, online support and addiction research. We helped the Foundation and its initiatives to plan and implement a large-scale online service reform.

Stora Enso Metsä

Website renewal to support forest owners

We implemented a website renewal for Stora Enso Metsä with the aim of creating a technically efficient, easily maintainable and user-friendly resource for all matters related to forest ownership and trade.

Stora Enso Metsä


Hyundai’s website as a digital storefront  

Bassadone Automotive Nordic Ltd is a group of companies specialising in the import of cars, spare parts and accessories. We carried out a website renewal for Hyundai operating under Bassadone, with the aim of creating a technically powerful, easy-to-use and visually impressive storefront for the world.


Contributing with design expertise to multi-supplier service reform

Urakkamaailma, the market-leading tendering platform for contractors, renewed its service to make contracting projects through Urakkamaailma as motivating and profitable as possible for contractors. Sofokus contributed to the multi-vendor renewal in terms of service design and UX design.


LMJ Waltti

A national public transport solution 

When an innovative public transport service provider and Sofokus join forces, a long and fruitful partnership is born. During our collaboration, goals get to live, and the ecosystem is agilely grown based on the needs emerging from the field.


Accelerating growth with early-stage investment 
and digital business understanding

BlogTec is a startup focused on quality search engine optimisation and content services, and we were the first to invest in it through Sofokus Ventures. We also helped BlogTec to develop its business to be more fundable and to find more angel investors. In less than three years, BlogTec has grown into a thriving growth company that recently closed its first six-figure funding round.

Sofokus Ventures x BlogTec


Driving growth by redesigning the digital purchase path

QualityDesk wants to reach even more clients with their services. We helped QualityDesk to deepen their client understanding and make the website’s purchase paths as engaging as possible. Although some of the measures designed for QualityDesk’s in-house development team are still being implemented, the quality and quantity of leads has already increased.


From ticket sales to an all-inclusive event platform

Liveto was born in 2014 from Antti Korhonen’s desire to improve the common operations in the event industry. The first business area chosen was ticket sales, which had long been dominated by larger players. Liveto team strongly believed that its open-minded attitude, agility and modern digital solutions would be a welcome addition to the field.

When the need to digitalize surfaced, Sofokus Ventures joined the company as an investor and produced a customized digital platform solution for Liveto. The starting point was to revolutionize the ticket sales business with a new kind of self-service, but it was quickly realized that stronger competitive factors and the opportunity for higher value returns were needed.

“We were surprised by how quickly the service could be released – without compromising quality.”
Tytti Läntinen
IT Service and Development Manager, Nordic Green Energy

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