Invoicing information


Please note that we only accept invoices that comply with the instructions and billing addresses below. Do not send invoices to our visit addresses, we don’t trust the mail man.

Reciever: Sofokus Oy, FI-1604545-7


Invoice address: FI7516523000003262
Operator: Nordea
Operator id: NDEAFIHH
Invoice type: Finvoice

Invoices by mail

Sofokus Oy
PL 20424

NOTE! In order for our scanning service to work correctly the billing address has to be printed on to the actual invoice (not just to the envelope).

We also ask you to note that this billing address is only for invoicing purposes.

Invoices by email

Email address for the invoice scanning:

We have outsourced the management of our invoices to BRANG Oy.