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Better Monday® Podcast

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Better Monday® Podcast helps leaders, entrepreneurs and other growth-minded people get up to full speed with a 360-degree view of happiness, work–life balance and organizational responsibility. New episodes are released almost monthly around the year!

Better Monday Podcast host Milla Heikkilä

Better Monday Podcast host

Milla Heikkilä

Chief Happiness Officer

Milla is a happiness ambassador whose ultimate goal is to increase overall well-being. Whether at work or in her free time, she loves to see happy faces around her. At Sofokus, she can live out her passion and reinforce the message of happiness at work.

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26 | Recruiting in the New Normal Era with Saana Rossi

The transition to the hybrid era has not only affected our ways of viewing leadership, communication and managing our work, but it has also caused quite a bit of head-scratching to recruiters and people working with HR. How to assess the know-how and motivation of a candidate virtually? How to appeal to potential employees and give them a realistic image of your company without human contact? These questions are discussed in this episode where Milla interviews Saana Rossi, one of the most influential recruiters in Finland.  Saana Rossi describes herself as an adventurer by heart. Saana has a long background…

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25 | Communication in the New Normal Skot Waldron

In this Better Monday® podcast episode, Milla and her guest Skot Waldron talk about communication in the new normal era.  For almost 20 years Skot has worked with companies such as J.P. Morgan Chase, Royal Caribbean, and The Coca-Cola Company. He started his career by focusing on external communication but sifted to internal communication about four years ago. Nowadays Skot is an internal communication strategist who uses his extensive knowledge of brand development to build loyalty amongst individuals, teams, and organizations.  Skot coaches both leaders and teams to sell ideas and sell themselves as a personal brand. He believes the…

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24 | Psychologial safety at work with Laura Gallaher

On this episode of the Better Monday podcast, Milla is interviewing Laura Gallaher, an organizational psychologist, who has a long history of working with people-focused leaders. Laura actually started her career at NASA after the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded upon re-entry in 2003, killing everybody aboard. Following the tragedy, NASA hired her and a team of organizational psychologists to change the cultural influences that were deemed to play a role in the accident. After NASA Laura was hired by the Walt Disney Company, where she continued to help the organization by training and consulting. In this episode, we talk about psychological…

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23 | Hybrid vs. Remote work with Liam Martin (2/2)

In the last episode, Milla and her guest Liam Martin talked about remote work and how it differs from hybrid work. In the second part of Liam’s interview, they discuss the pros and cons of remote work. Liam also shares his views on how companies could support their employees’ work-life balance and happiness at work. Liam Martin thinks remote-first is the best working model for three reasons Asynchronous mindset. When people can consume information when it best suits them, it is possible to make decisions without arranging unnecessary meetings, and people can spend their time more efficiently.  The ability to travel. Being able…

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22 | Hybrid vs. Remote work, Liam Martin (1/2)

This episode of the Better Monday® podcast is a special one: we focus on the pros and cons of hybrid work, remote work, and other working models for not one but TWO whole episodes! The subject is so important we didn’t even want to try to squeeze it into 30 minutes. Our guest star for covering the topic for the next two episodes is Liam Martin, a remote work advocate, as he calls himself. Liam is a co-founder of several remote-first companies and co-organizer of a conference called Running Remote. Liam’s companies have no physical offices, and his team members come…

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21 | Leadership in hybrid work with Sue Bingham

Sue Bingham has been at the forefront of creating positive change in the workplace for more than 35 years. She is the founder of HPWP Group and the co-creator of HPWP philosophy, which is a non-traditional, results-producing, and challenging approach to leadership that drives high levels of business performance. Sue has personally conducted hundreds of leadership workshops, courses, and seminars and trained thousands of leaders.  In this episode, Milla and Sue talk about leadership in the era of the New Normal. Sue also shares some of the challenges she has faced when working with leaders from different fields. If you’re interested in learning…

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20 | Pitfalls of hybrid work – Karoliina Jarenko

In the 20th episode of Better Monday podcast, Milla and her guest Karoliina Jarenko dive deeper into the meaning of hybrid work and its common dilemmas. Karoliina calls herself “The Handy Mandy of future work-life” as she has a very diverse background in consulting and organisational development. From this perspective, she shares her best tips on how to avoid desocialization and embrace humanity in the new era of hybrid workplaces. According to Karoliina, the future of work is human “I guess the big transformation is that the value of human work will be more and more based on humanity and creativity: thinking of each…

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19 | Unraveling hybrid work – Season 3 premiere

After a long summer break, we are excited to be back with the third season of Better Monday podcast! Season 3 turns a new leaf in the history of Better Monday, as all the episodes will solely concentrate on hybrid work and the new normal. Hybrid work is a fundamental part of the new normal The ability to choose how, when and where we work undoubtedly boosts our creativity, well-being, and sense of control. However, now that we are no longer forced to work from home and are free to return to the office, many of us might feel a…

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18 | Flexible work with Molly Johnson-Jones

On the 18th episode of Better Monday podcast, Milla is interviewing a lovely lady called Molly Johnson-Jones. Molly is an entrepreneur and one of the three co-founders of a 100 % remote company called Flexa careers. Flexa finds flexible companies and lists them on their webpage after verifying them. Flexa’s mission is to bring transparency into job hunting and help people find truly flexible jobs. In this episode, Milla and Molly dive deeper into flexible work and its benefits. What makes a better monday for Molly? Molly’s Mondays started to be better after she established her own company. Nowadays she doesn’t suffer…

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17 | Lauren Silver: Work and play

Work hard, play hard… That’s a quote Lauren Silver has probably heard a lot. But you know what? This saying is very much true of her! Lauren is a clown, an actress, and a facilitator. She runs her own company called PlayWell, which trains people to be more creative and playful towards their life and work. On the 17th Better Monday podcast episode, Milla had the absolute honor to talk with this lovely, and certainly the most graceful clown she has ever met! If you’ve ever wondered what play has to do with work, you’ll know after listening to this episode. What makes…

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16 | Adele Hawkes: Positive psychology

The 16th Better Monday podcast episode is touching a very interesting topic, which is positive psychology and how to use it in workplaces. For this episode Milla got the opportunity to interview Adele Hawkes, who works as positive psychology coach for both individuals and companies. The best kind of Mondays start with loads of optimism and excitement. Adele Hawkes For Adele, perfect Monday means starting the week with the ability to look forward to the whole week. This means loads of optimism and excitement, as well as the real idea of all the possibilities that the week might bring. Having a…

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15 | Bruce Wang from Netflix

For this episode we got the honor to interview Bruce Wang again! Bruce works as a Director of Engineering at Netflix and in the first episode with Bruce, we discovered recruiting and organizational culture at Netflix. This time Milla and Bruce dive into the theme of leadership. To have a strong Monday is to be able to reset the brain during the weekend. This is what Bruce said last time and he still believes in it strongly. That is why he sets away some time of the week only for him and his family. This could be spending time together hiking or exploring the city….

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