The event marketing challenger

Liveto is a born-digital and born-global startup company serving both event organizers and ticket buyers – aiming at helping people to have more live experiences.

Liveto entered the event market with a plan to disrupt the stagnant market and it’s already gaining recognition in international circuits. The company provides a totally new and refined way for event organizers to create more sales and keep the valuable web traffic within their own channels.

Liveto relies on the world-class team and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform custom-made by Sofokus.

Prepare to watch stagnant ticket market change dramatically.

The games have already began and the biggest players are moving. If you want to keep up-to-date, follow Liveto at YoutubeFacebook or Instagram.

Let's challenge the market!

”Why is it so hard to sell tickets online?” asked Antti Korhonen and decided to change the situation. Liveto was born.

2014 Liveto goes live

Finnish pop star Robin started co-operation with Liveto

2015 Robin x Liveto

One million club

2015 A million euros worth of tickets sold

A disruptive invention

Liveto invents DropShop®. Anyone can start selling tickets in 5 minutes from their own website.

2016 Liveto releases DropShop®

Live to ski

Team Liveto & Johannes Suikkari tell a story about trying hard.

2017 Live to ski

Swiss Alpine Battle 2017 event organiser, Amanda Dutkos, tells about her experiences with working with Liveto.

2017 Liveto goes global

Team Liveto gets stronger

One of the Finland’s most experienced payment transaction business specialists, Lennu Keinänen, invests to Liveto.

2017 Lennu Keinänen joins Liveto

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