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Today, takeaway is something you don’t actually need to take away anymore, you can order it from Wolt. Ordering a taxi on your mobile app beats standing in line at a taxi stand any day. The quality of your sleep is monitored by an Oura smart ring, which gives you information on your health and wellbeing. Watching television is transforming into streaming. Digital platforms are a part of our everyday lives.

Should I develope my own platform or is it better to utilize existing ones? This question concerns many new startups, but also companies with a lucrative business.

Digital Platform - the Heart of a Business

On your own playing ground you make the rules.

We wrote a guide about creating unfair competitive edge in the age of digital platforms. Here’s a peek inside our guide:

  • The ABC of an unfair competitive edge – What will this edge be made of tomorrow?
  • Company culture – What kind of role does “digital culture” represent in success?
  • Revenue models – What possibilities are there and how can I monetize my platform?
  • Network effects – What are they and how are they linked in the creation and defence of the competitive edge?

In our guide the CEO of Sofokus, Teemu Malinen, offers tips on how putting the digital platform to the core of your business will help you succeed.

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