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Sofokus Ventures believes that future success stories are co-created by purpose-driven founder teams and accelerated with digital expertise.

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Digital Heart Capital

We focus on investing in product-led early-stage digital heart startups that operate customer-driven or ecosystem-driven business.

When should I choose Sofokus DHC?

You have identified a scalable business opportunity
You have or you are planning to create a tailor-made digital solution in your business core
Your team is growth-oriented and gets things done fast
Your early-stage company is located in Europe
You believe in product-led business development



We co-found startups leveraging digital expertise and solutions to modernize or disrupt target business segment.

When should I choose Sofokus PUSH?

You understand thoroughly your business segment and think you can do better
You either have a team or you are willing to gather one with us
You are dedicated to work full-time for your startup
You believe that having a strong digital expertise onboard improves your changes to be successful
You appreciate our entrepreneurial touch in co-operation

We offer for you

20+ years of experience leveraging digital in building high growth businesses
Early stage funding (capital & sweat equity)
Sparring & mentoring
A network of experienced people
A wide range of digital services (business & service design, digital technology & marketing services)
Discounts for de facto tools (such as HubSpot for Startups program)

Most of all, we understand the entrepreneur-minded business building. Let’s co-create something great!


What ever your question is please drop us a message.

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We have invested in or worked with over 100 digitally driven companies.

Ventures Portfolio



: 2019


: 2021


: eMobility

eMabler – eMobility enabler

eMabler aims to reduce the use of CO2 emissions in transportation with API-first eMobility SaaS Platform.

Mintti Siivous


: 2020


: 2020


: Cleaning services

Mintti Siivous – human-friendly cleanliness

Mintti provides responsible, modern and high-quality cleaning services for companies and private customers.



: 2021


: 2021


: Electricity Sales & Supply

Spring – electricity simply

Spring believes that everyday products – such as electricity – should be simple and affordable. Find the right electricity supplier with Spring App.

Extravagant company


: 2020


: 2020


: Social media / Marketing

Extravagant company – TikTok analytics

Exolyt is TikTok analytics and monitoring platform helping marketers, content creators and influencers to gain insight.



: 2019


: 2019


: Digital consultancy

Coventures – platform for entrepreneurship

Coventures is building a community bringing together seasoned entrepreneurs and innovative companies to solve the most meaningful problems in the world.



: 2014


: 2014, 2018, 2021


: Events

Liveto – event platform

Our mission is to help organizations to held successful events. Liveto is an API supercharged platform for virtual, physical and hybrid events.



: 2011


: 2015


: Security devices & services

Confienta – A piece of mind

Confienta’s mission is to give a piece of mind regarding your loved ones. Confienta designs unique location-enabled devices and systems for security purposes.

Louis Fitness


: 2019


: 2021


: Sportsware & Lifestyle

Louis Fitness – You are strong

Iamstrong is a Finnish lifestyle clothing brand and online store spreading good mood and body positivity. We offer carefully designed, tested and proven top quality sportswear.

Quality Desk


: 2017


: 2021


: Contact center coaching

Quality Desk – Promoting leadership excellence

The most intuitive software on the market for ensuring superior contact center performance.

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Our mission

We strongly believe that European startups have just scratched the surface of their potential. We operate with a “late founder” mentality, so we want to sit with you on the same side of the table – especially in those difficult situations that every startup inevitably encounters. We are happy to be the first investor to believe in you and your idea. In our experience, finding a growth path is easier when the startup has enough experience and support from the beginning in all business areas and special expertise in leveraging digital. We are a different kind of VC.

What’s new?

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How we do it

1. Validation Phase

Sofokus Ventures is looking for early stage startups (or teams) who are ready to pursue growth. We hope to be your first investor and want to sit with you on the same side of the table as you face the challenges. Our goal is to help pave the way for a growth-oriented company.

We’ve been setting up dozens of fast-growing companies, so the challenges are familiar and we’ve learned several workable solutions. We have an entrepreneurial attitude and we value absolute honesty. Rather than “hockey stick” -pitch, we want to learn your actual situation so that we can fully understand how we can help you. We love people who dare to try, fail and learn from their experiences. Regular everyday work surpasses even the best pitch deck.

We believe that the transition to the investment phase should feel natural for both. We want to understand your business idea, your digital maturity level, and your dreams. In particular, we want to get to know you, your team and your approach.

Typical things happening in the phase:

  • Objective assessment of the company’s situation
  • Identifying problem areas and bottlenecks
  • Business idea evaluation and scenario analysis
  • Getting to know the team and people’s ways of working
  • Mapping the competences and gaps
  • Getting to know the company’s future plans
  • Analysis of the financial situation and financing needs
  • Understanding goals and goal setting

From experience, we believe that the right kind of expertise and sparring is more important than money for an early-stage company. That’s why Sofokus Ventures offer both.

The introductory phase is risk-free for both, and even if we don’t end up cooperating, your actions are likely to get at least a nice little acceleration from our discussions. We believe in a “pay it forward” attitude. Good ideas deserve help, whether it came from us or our network of contacts.

2. Investment Phase

When we decide together to move on to the investment phase, we sit down and work together to create guidelines for the company’s operations. We open direct communication lines to enable easy and fast access to assistance. Sofokus Ventures prefers modern tools like Slack, WhatsApp, Trello, Teams, Zoom, Hangouts and the like. Sofokus Ventures has also developed our own tool to make it easier to reach our network. Our goal is to help you effectively eliminate growth bottlenecks and unleash the full potential of your business.

Typical things happening:

  • Equity investment
  • Sweat Equity investment
  • Signing of the shareholder agreement
  • Planning the use of public financial instruments
  • Opening communication channels to our community
  • Identification of key metrics and KPIs (north star, etc.)
  • Setting goals together

After this phase is ready, it is time to roll up the sleeves.

3. Acceleration Phase

We are entrepreneurs at heart. We understand how difficult it is to start a new business and how important a well-timed mentoring session or well-placed elevator pitch can be. Every company encounters different obstacles on its way, but together they can be overcome.

Some examples what has been done:

  • Nurturing the work/life balance of founding team
  • Tweaking the business model, mission and vision
  • Outlining strategic paths and supporting the implementation
  • Giving insights on applying ecosystem-driven business models (such as the platform economy)
  • Identifying and constructing the use of network effects and virality
  • Choosing revenue model
  • Setting up a digital roadmap to accelerate growth
  • Analyzing competitive factors and construction of a defensible competitive advantage
  • Technology and product due diligence and deployment support
  • Design and implementation of custom Digital Hearts
  • Strengthening the team (recruitment, partnering etc.)
  • An action plan for growing the digital footprint
  • Assistance in utilizing Finnish public financial instruments
  • Increasing the understanding of sales, marketing, customer and product-driven business models
  • Customer, partner and investor intros
  • Identifying the base values and developing of brand
  • Sparring of growth-oriented organizational models (self organizing, flock organized teams, use of OKR model, etc.)
  • Financial path planning and implementation support
  • Growth mentoring and sparring
  • Honing the business concept

In the end, the means and targets for accelerating growth are always company-specific. One startup needs help shaping the digital heart solution, another will need guidance on recruiting digital business talents, and a third will need a hand in planning future financial rounds. However, there is a universal need for all companies from time to time to spar at crossroads with someone who has been there.

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Sofokus Group is one of Finland’s oldest digital business experts. Our operations are based on the development of digital business and an entrepreneurial attitude. We provide design, implementation and financial services to ambitious organizations.

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