Kauppahalli24 is the third biggest digital grocery store in Finland

Kauppahalli24‘s goal is to serve busy consumers who need to manage their daily shopping fast and effortlessly. The shopping experience is heavily personalized and the traditional checkout process re-thought. Registered customers will receive a selection of products that really matters – no need to surf around after few orders.

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Early business

Delivering FMCG to the consumer’s home was a decade-long idea on Mr. Erkki Timmerbacka’s working desk, but 2009 was a turning point and Seulo Palvelut Oy was established. First, Seulo began distributing local produce goods from nearby farms in Espoo.

2009 - Seulo Palvelut Oy was established

Kauppahalli24.fi is live

After scoping the upcoming MVP and three months of intensive software development www.kauppahalli24.fi was born in November 2012.

2012 - Partnership started

Growth in sight

The Kauppahalli24 staff did not lose their ambition to achieve growth and a better customer experience after launch. Quite the opposite, as you can see!

And everything with the MVP that was developed gradually.

2013-2016 - Turnover grew to 7 digits

Scaling up the business

2016 - Starting a partnership with Tuko Logistics

What if?

What if we could build even more personalization to end user? What if we could stretch the API even further? What if we design mobile first? What if we could build our own ecosystem? Could we answer to customer and market needs even better?

2016 - Next generation planning started

Next generation

We designed the new web shop with mobile first and with an updated digital brand book. Frosmo is the partner responsible for the front end execution and personalization to deliver a better customer experience. REST API has all the necessary connections to deliver information across Kauppahalli24 background systems and Frosmo.

New features around “home” have been established and we are now ready to serve clients more holistically beyond groceries. The range of logistic options is broader than ever before. And we continue asking “What if?”

2017 - New kauppahalli24.fi was launched