Cloud computing to boost online business development

As your company grows both in size and in digital maturity, you should make yourself familiar with cloud computing. Here at Sofokus, we want to help you find the right tools and services to suit the needs of your business, whether it is automatically scaling data storage options, powerful analytics tools or you’re simply looking to improve user experience on your web service by decreasing load times.

The cloud service we recommend is Google Cloud Platform, which enables all of the above and much more at very competitive rates. Sofokus is a Google certified Google Cloud Platform-partner and we will help you find the cloud computing solution that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.

Cloud services as a competitive advantage

Utilizing Cloud services is the right choice when you want to distance yourself from the competition. They enable you to reduce cost, scale up, get rid of unnecessary infrastructure maintenance and most importantly, they can be tailored for your specific needs. In practice, the competitive advantage comes from both efficiency and innovative ways to utilize existing technology.

The main benefit that Google Cloud Platform especially offers is that it brings these solutions close and makes them accessible to your company. Machine Learning, predictive analysis and big data management are no longer just fancy words used by consultants but instead are converted into actions and become competitive advantages.

Analytics and machine learning

Combining databases, web services and processes over a single cloud platform will enable your organization to access and analyze its data in more depth than ever before, helps make it accessible and actionable. At Sofokus, we will help you identify the key points in your organization’s data, determine what the bottlenecks in your internal processes might, thus making your internal data handling process more efficient. The analytics tools Google Cloud

Platform offers will enable your organization analyze vast amounts of data quickly via BigQuery, which in addition to being a powerful analytics tool can also help store your data. On the other hand, if you want to build data pipelines that combine and enrich data from various sources into one comprehensive database, Dataflow will help you achieve this. Then, if you’re ready to move to the next level when it comes to data management and analysis, the Machine Learning suite of tools in Google Cloud Platform will help you achieve this.

A platform for your applications

If your organization needs to develop an application, either for internal use or for commercialization, moving your development and application hosting to a cloud platform. For example Google’s App Engine will remove the need for infrastructure management entirely and will let your coders for on coding rather than maintenance. Or maybe you want an application that can be moved seamlessly across different platforms?

In that case you want to containerize it and for this, Kubernetes Engine is the perfect choice. Services that scale up and down automatically based on use make both product launches and service management easy.

Sofokus is a Google certified Google Cloud Platform partner and if you want to hear more about cloud computing, please book a free cloud consultation with one of our specialists.

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