Better Monday podcast

Every single company competes in attracting and retaining the best talent in the world. The Better Monday podcast will help leaders, entrepreneurs and other growth-minded people get up to full speed with a 360-degree view of happiness, work–life balance and organizational responsibility. Once a month it rolls out guest interviews with the world’s most innovative brands.

In this Better Monday podcast episode Milla interviews Marcin Floryan, Director of Engineering at Spotify. Spotify has 5000 employees all around the world and it employs around 100 different nationalities. This global audio streaming subscription service has succeeded in building diversity in the workplace. The company has found it essential to remove employees’ fears so that they can be who they really are and do their best work.

What does ‘a Better Monday’ mean? Better Monday is a metaphor for being able to really enjoy the working week. A state, where Mondays actually feel better. It is also a synonym for happiness and work-life balance. And a shoutout to meaningful and responsible business objectives.