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On the fourteenth episode of Better Monday® podcast Milla Heikkilä and Miha Matlievski talk about failing. Why are people so often afraid of failure?

Miha is a fail coach and his job is to help other entrepreneurs and organizations succeed with the tools and experience he has learned from his own failures. Tune in for the episode to find out how to turn failures into victories.

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Every single company competes in attracting and retaining the best talent in the world. Our Better Monday® Podcast helps leaders, entrepreneurs and other growth-minded people get up to full speed with a 360-degree view of happiness, work–life balance and organizational responsibility.

New episodes are released almost monthly around the year!

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Better Monday® Podcast rolls out guest interviews with the world’s most innovative brands and people. It aspires to give listeners a way to learn about the different aspects of current themes in business, from the well-being viewpoint, by peeking inside the minds of people coming from companies around the world differing in size, expertise, knowledge and culture.


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