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DevOps methodologies mean tools and ways of working for shortening the time and minimizing the manual effort of getting a fresh great idea, simple feature or hotfix into the actual production environment of a digital service – while still not compensating any bit on high quality.

We strive to deliver software projects and digital services with maximum quality, efficiency and speed. Successful digital service development is not just a series of iterations or one-off projects, rather it’s a process where the service features and ecosystem of platforms are evolving constantly. Improvements and changes are introduced in fast pace and systematic experimenting is encouraged.

To achieve this, we exercise best practices for integrating development, operations and infrastructure to ensure efficient, productive, and collaborative DevOps culture that will forward our client’s business and let our own talents work in most expressive ways.

This enables rapid feedback- and KPI-based direction in digital service development which fuels data-driven decision making and allows product owners and teams to concentrate on creating real value.

DevOps practices

We love to automate everything that can be automated so that humans can focus on doing interesting things while computers do the boring stuff. The approach significantly speeds up release cycle.

Based on your project scope, business goals and technology stack, we will setup a suitable chain of DevOps tools fitted for your digital service demands.

We are also happy to integrate and adapt to your existing toolchain and ways of DevOps-working if required. We are capable to help teams to get most out of DevOps routines collaborating with client and multi-vendor teams.

DevOps toolbox

We have built and selected our own DevOps toolbox with powerful solutions for all essential duties and tasks, for example:

  • Efficient Version Control Flows
  • Automated testing and QA
  • Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery tools (test, build and deploy)
  • Cloud Deployment Automation (IaaS as Code tools)
  • Microservices, Containers and Orchestration (Kubernetes <3)
  • Logging and Monitoring