Digital Business Maturity Model

Map the current status of your company's digital maturity and identify the best ways to raise it to the next level.

Level up your business’ digital maturity

This Digital Business Maturity Model describes how holistically and effectively an organization typically utilizes digital means in its core business. The model helps to roughly outline your own starting situation and set the target goals.

Digital business maturity model in a nutshell

  • The digital business maturity model describes how holistically and efficiently an organization utilizes digital means in its core business.
  • The model helps outline your starting situation and set goals suitable for your level. In addition, the digital business maturity model helps to distinguish between easily applicable actions and those that require profound change.
  • Improving digital maturity increases a company’s competitive advantage in its market. Even small actions can significantly raise the level of digital maturity.
  • Everything starts with identifying the degree of digitalization your organization needs. Not everyone needs to be the Wolts and Ubers of their industry. Pursuing a high degree of digitalisation just for the sake of it won’t benefit you unless the desired degree of digitalisation is in line with your strategy. Businesses can operate quite smoothly even at lower levels of digital maturity, as long as the needed and actual level of digitalization meet.
  • At Sofokus, we roughly divide companies into five groups of digital maturity: Rookies, Intermediates, Advanced, Transformers, and Pioneers.
  • The digital maturity of a business can be enhanced by, among other things, updating tools, accumulating digital know-how, improving digital visibility, developing a digital heart, and strengthening the digital culture of the organization.

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