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Ebook | Boost your digital maturity

Boost your digital maturity -eBook provides you a practical framework

Boost Your Digital Maturity is a guidebook we wrote in order to provide you with a practical framework for recognizing the digital maturity level of your company and the requirements for its development.

  • Boost your digital preparedness
  • Triumph over sudden changes
  • Renew yourself over the long term

The guide also aims at helping you distinguish means and methods that can be implemented quickly from those that require thorough transformation. Dive in to know how to modernize your business both during and after a crisis.

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Meistä Teemu Malinen Sofokus

About the author

Teemu Malinen is a multi-entrepreneur in the digital business who for 25 years has helped various organizations optimize their use of the web and mobile solutions in their business.

Teemu got the idea for the concept of this guidebook some years ago when he tried to find information on the classifications of companies’ digital maturity levels. After some iteration, the Digital Business Maturity Model and Boost Your Digital Maturity guide were created.

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