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Align and unify your business, digital and technology strategies to gain competitive edge

It’s crucial to have a clear vision on how to align business and technology strategies to gain a competitive edge. Traditionally this has been solved by using heavy legacy systems (like ERP). Today forerunners build their digital strategies on top of modern API-centered & tailored SaaS-driven solutions that really drive the business forward.

The good news is that modern solutions can leverage traditional heavy, expensive and rigid legacy systems. It’s possible to build a digital roadmap where a new and modern solution speeds up the business, and even replaces old solutions, but still reaps the benefits of the original system investment.

Companies should invest in technology in order to have fewer systems.

What kinds of business challenges do we typically solve?

Case example

A car dealer ship was looking to scale up from 50 Meur to 100 Meur through acquisitions and organic growth. The company was using legacy platforms and a SaaS solution to manage their business.

The top management were worried whether their existing systems and technology would enable them to scale up. 

Our approach and a proposed solution

We audited the existing business and technology strategies with the top management. Based on the findings we proposed a new digital strategy and a concrete digital roadmap to enable the forthcoming  growth.

The proposed solution included of building a tailor-made core digital platform using API-first principles. This enabled the integration of both SaaS solutions and legacy systems around the EU region.

The new platform enabled the top management to  gather data from all business units in the EU and to make clear decisions.

Interested to find out how your business and technology strategies could be aligned to gain competitive edge?

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