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Erich Joachimsthaler

Erich Joachimsthaler, Ph.D. is the founder and CEO of Vivaldi Group, a business and brand transformation firm headquartered in New York City, whose offices and client roster spans across the globe.

As an accomplished expert in strategy, brand management, and business model innovation, Erich has published over 100 articles and several books, including Brand Leadership and Hidden in Plain Sight. His latest book, expected to release this fall, explores interaction fields or how brands and businesses can drive innovation and growth of digital ecosystems, within the platform economy, to create exponential value.

Erich is a passionate combination of consultant, entrepreneur, academic, researcher, and positive contrarian.

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Marko Oksanen

Marko Oksanen has been involved in building digital products and ventures his whole career, and has got a full-stack toolkit for product management, lean, agile, design thinking, service design & growth hacking.

As co-founder, product manager or venture designer he has been hands-on building more than fifteen fast-growing digital ventures in Helsinki & Berlin. Some highlights are using the Rocket Internet blueprint building a marketplace venture from 0 to 10 000+ shipped orders in 1 year. And helping Kasvuryhmä to become the most successful scaleup CEO-community representing over 10 billion in revenue with members creating a 1.3 billion+ impact to Finnish economy.

Currently Marko is the CEO of Coventures, which builds meaningful digital ventures together with corporations.

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Turo Numminen

Turo Numminen is a hands-on entrepreneur, investor and educator. He is an active partner in multiple startups and has started his investing career with real-estate in 2001. Prior to Sofokus Ventures Turo has been building up the JA Finland (entrepreneurial education non-profit) whose reach has increased from 500 students to 70 000 students annually.

Turo has a background in finance and management accounting with a strong focus and hands on experience on small business and startups.

Currently Turo is the person whom to connect with regarding Sofokus Ventures – a company focused on accelerating early stage startups operating in a new platform-driven era. Turo handles the startup investment dealflow and is responsible for investor relations.

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