We are Sofokus

Sofokus originated in 2000 from a one-man's dream. This dream grew into a group of like-minded people who aim to create digital solutions that deliver measurable value to businesses.

Our History

For nearly twenty years, we have worked with hundreds of global and local brands from large corporations to small startups. However, our clients have one thing in common: high goals and a belief in gaining growth by utilizing digital solutions.

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Teemu Malinen

Founders Manifesto

We are Sofokus. We are not aiming for mediocre. We unite ideas, people and technology in ways that will shape the future. All of this is done bravely, pushing the boundaries, and relying on partnerships. For great miracles always happen behind curtains, by believing, not by force. When goals are reached and victories are being awarded, our attention is already on the next step, in the future.

This is a promise – elsewhere you can get easier. We want you to reach your full potential, including the one you have not yet recognized. We believe in you even when others don’t. We give you the opportunity to shine in your own sport, grow safely and get your voice heard.

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Our values

Our operations are built on our core values. By getting to know our values, you can get to know us.

We focus on


At first, you may only see our digital shell, but underneath it pumps a warm human heart. We want to talk to you without jargon because true achievements are hidden in encounters between regular people. We will accept you as you are, without judgment. Welcome home, my friend.

Building trust

Trust grows only in the soil of honesty. Trust is the building block of value creation. We want to be worthy of your trust. And vice versa.
That’s why we’ll instantly admit our mistakes. Errors are not only humane but inevitable and repairable. We want to be known for an atmosphere of honesty and openness. Trust – what a competitive advantage.

Creating value

In our hectic life, patience is sometimes forgotten.
But nothing worth pursuing never comes without a fight. We challenge ourselves to create something meaningful and lasting. We embrace the grind. Value is born through commitment. At first, it might feel insignificant. But when real value is created, everyone will notice it. That’s why we prefer deep engagements. Stick with us and you’ll see.

Being brave

Dare to seek something that others do not. Let the others copy. However, we must warn you. The path of the pioneer is not for everyone.
We believe in you while others still hesitate. We demand the courage that you may not have known yet. Sweetest victories are won through hardships. Let’s be brave together.


We’re never ready. We have a burning desire to be better. And we love anyone willing to learn. This is the path of hardship, but oh so rewarding. Success requires student humility. We are ready to share our knowledge openly with others. Learning is a path to growth – individually, in teams and in organizations. Learning – simply part of our everyday life.

Achievements and honors

In 2019, Sofokus was named the best company in Finland in the Workplace and People Development category at the European Business Awards competition. In 2018 and 2019, we were also ranked amongst the 2,500 fastest growing companies in Europe in the Inc.5000 EU listing.

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Interested in Better Mondays?

We are a group of happy, active and hard-working people who believe that together we can achieve great things. We value your time and expertise and want you to feel part of us. Maybe we could offer you a better Monday?

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Boost your digital maturity

Boost Your Digital Maturity is a guidebook we wrote to provide you with a practical framework for recognizing the digital maturity level of your company and the requirements for its development.

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Get to know our clients

Clients are at the heart of everything we do. Over the years, we have collaborated with several companies, which we are happy to introduce to you as well.

Client stories

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