4 | Monika Werthén: Work-life balance at Uber

In the fourth Better Monday podcast episode, Milla and Monika Werthén from Uber talk about retaining work-life balance in this hectic time.

Is it possible to have them both? A successful career and a healthy and loving family life? Yes, it is if you ask Monika Werthén. A super woman, who wakes up at 5:30 am to do her morning workout, after which she heads to the office to lead Uber’s marketing in the Nordics.

Monika has managed to build a successful career and simultaneously retain her work-life balance and take care of her family with three children. Her current job at Uber allows her to invest in her own well-being and family, without leaving behind in business and career.

Uber has adopted a modern organizational culture that supports employees work-life balance. For example, they provide training on well-being, offer generous benefits for gym and health care and support employees with small children with fair parental benefits. They also favor remote work and flexible working hours.

Monika’s tips to retain work-life balance

  • Be very clear about your agenda and your boundaries
  • Set the boundaries from the beginning – tell the company what you’re willing and able to to
  • Take your vacations – everyone needs some time off!
  • Cut yourself some slack – your 85% is someone else’s 100%
  • Learn to prioritise by having a dialogue with the people you work with

Monika’s choice of a happiness act that makes company a better employer than others:

Celebration of success!

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