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Continuous development

Continuous development provides a development approach that is better suited to systematic service development and digital service lifestyle management.

Continuous development service is suitable for a mature online services

When launching a new online service, it is usually very difficult to reliably estimate the magnitude of the need for further development for a given period of time. For this reason, the continuous development is best suited to a mature online service whose monthly development needs are already known through experience. The continuous development service can guarantee that, for example, on the horizon of the year, the service will surely evolve as planned.

Continuous development reduces headaches in the budget

Users of online services require an up-to-date service. Therefore, the continuous development of online services is a lifeline. On the other hand, defining a suitable development budget, for example 12 months in advance, can sometimes cause headaches. The ad-hoc order process is slow in nature, so it usually causes two challenges on an annual basis: 1) the budget is difficult to predict a year in advance 2) after a year you may wake up to the fact that the pace of development has been too slow.

The continuous development service addresses both issues. The agreed budget ensures that the service is developing. A continuous development budget can also be easily reduced or increased when the quarter changes if the budget pace turns out to be wrong. Making an annual budget is easy if you know in advance that, for example, you invest in 16 hours of development per month.

Continuous development is a cheaper way to further develop

Continous development is not only more systematic, it is also cheaper. The continuous development is always fixed regardless of the type of work. String design, architecture work and programming are offered on a flat-pricing basis. In addition, the redundancy of an ad-hoc order process ensures that all work is directed to the maximum development of the client and vendor end, not the negotiation process.

How we do it

In the continuous development service, a fixed monthly budget is agreed upon to develop your online service according to your needs. It differs from a traditional ad-hoc further development, as the thought developing process can be longer and more thorough. Needs may still be ad-hoc, but every month there is a fixed amount of hours/days that will be used for each need. If the need for development requires a monthly budget overrun, you can take it, for example, from the next month’s budget. Therefore, we guarantee that you will have a certain amount of development resources available to you every month.

Since every continuous development doesn’t need to go through the laborious process of bid / order / order confirmation / delivery process, the web service will evolve according to the budget agreed every month. Additionally, the action is much more straightforward: the customer only sends a request for development by email to us, and if it can be fit into the monthly budget, it will be automatically released. Smooth, straightforward and fast.

What we do

We take care and evolve your services and boost the discoverability. We combine business development, data analytics, customer-centric design and software development to meet the needs.