Digital development audit

Gain clarity on your digital ecosystem’s current state, empowering informed decisions and ensuring seamless alignment with your business objectives through an objective expert audit.

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UX value review

We’ll evaluate your digital service’s user experience and its capacity to deliver tangible value. Subsequently, we’ll provide recommendations aimed at enhancing and streamlining your overall user experience.

Audit focus areas

  • End-user experience
  • Use cases
  • Value measurement practices
  • The service’s capacity to deliver value by defined metrics
  • Heuristic method for assessing value promise fulfillment
  • Accessibility and usability
  • Conversion trends
  • Validating discoveries via end-user interviews as an optional supplementary service

The audit is carried out by

  • Digital Business Specialist
  • UX design and analytics expert

Section Price (excluding workshops and additional services)

6000 € (VAT 0%)

Efficiency of development processes

We evaluate the development and maintenance practices of your digital environment with a focus on continuity. Subsequently, we provide recommendations to enhance the operational efficiency of your development efforts.

Audit focus areas

  • Arrangements and roles for development and maintenance work
  • Dependencies and loads, including external suppliers
  • Project management and development practices
  • Level of documentation
  • Current and future challenges, including data protection requirements
  • Subsidy history and trends
  • Testing practices
  • Equivalence of test and production environments
  • Current state of versioning and further development, including work in progress

The audit is carried out by

  • Digital Business Specialist
  • Technical Project Manager

Section Price (excluding workshops and additional services)

6000 € (VAT 0%)

Technical functionality

We evaluate the current state of your system, conduct a life cycle assessment, and offer recommendations to enhance technical reliability. This information serves as a prerequisite for our maintenance services.

Audit focus areas

  • Software and cloud architecture
  • Technology choices and data model
  • Data protection and security
  • Source code quality and readability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Performance and exertion
  • IAM access management
  • Dependencies and vulnerabilities in scenarios
  • Timeliness of packages
  • Chaining of problems
  • Productivity
  • Setting up and testing a local development environment to validate the findings as an optional supplementary service

The audit is carried out by

  • Digital Business Specialist
  • Software Architect

Section Price (excluding workshops and additional services)

6000 € (VAT 0%)

Are you seeking results, efficiency, and reliability in your digital business?

The digital development audit is an evaluation process in which our experts assess the health of a system important to your business in terms of user experience, operational efficiency, and technical performance.

The scope and focus of the audit are tailored to your needs – we often address issues such as system development practices, scalability, and the ability to deliver value according to your preferences.

Conducted by experts in digital business, software development, and user interface design, the audit aims to provide the most objective and quantified picture of the situation, along with actionable recommendations. This process helps ensure the robustness of your digital environment, identifies risks, facilitates informed investment decisions, and prioritizes areas for improvement.

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It’s about time for an audit if…

Systems are underperforming
Uncertainty surrounds system longevity
You’re weighing upgrade vs. new investment
There are changes in IT management
You’re transitioning developers and seek continuity
Partners are reluctant to maintain your systems
You’re considering selling your system
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Audit focus areas are tailored to your needs

With nearly 25 years of experience, we firmly believe that digital excellence is achieved through the synergy of quality code, user-friendly design, and streamlined development practices. That’s why our audits are led by seasoned professionals in software development, architecture, technical project management, and UX design.

The audit process begins with an initial overview and consultation with our digital business specialist to outline your key priorities. From there, audit focus areas are meticulously selected and prioritized to align with your objectives.

This is our approach once the survey priorities are determined:

1. Initiation phase

We form a team of experts most suitable for your needs and ensure all necessary software, services, and materials are prepared

2. Workshop sessions

Our experts facilitate two-hour workshops with you for each section under scrutiny. Following this, independent assessments are conducted by our experts.

3. Evaluation of findings

The experts conducting the audit analyze the findings and recommendations, culminating in a comprehensive summary.

4. Audit review meeting

We conduct a session to review the summary of findings and recommendations with you. You’ll receive a detailed written document of the entire audit alongside a concise summary of key points. This summary can be utilized for various purposes, such as supporting tenders or sharing with other teams within your organization. The digital development audit is always conducted under the terms of an IT2022 contract, ensuring confidentiality and data handling protocols are followed, and rights to the materials produced are respected.

Price depends on the scope of the audit

There will be no surprises in the cost of the digital development audit process. The base fee is consistently €3000, covering project management and reporting.

The actual expert work (€6000 per section) and additional services (€1000 – €3000 per additional service) will be agreed and calibrated together in the initial stage of the audit.

Example 1: Audit of development process efficiency and installation of a local development environment totals 3000€ + 6000€ + 3000€ = 12000€ (VAT 0%).

Example 2: Audit of UX value amounts to 3000€ + 6000€ = 9000€ (VAT 0%).

Digitaalinen liiketoiminta / Digital business

Planning to update your WordPress site?

We also offer WordPress site audits for €4000. This price includes the basic fee and an audit customized to your WordPress requirements. The audit is a prerequisite for Sofokus maintenance and development services. Furthermore, our maintenance services are contingent upon the implementation of any recommendations resulting from the audit.

The audit will help you develop your services more efficiently

If the audit identifies critical areas for improvement or potential opportunities to enhance your business, we are eager to assist you in finding and implementing the necessary solutions.

Embarking on the development of new services to elevate your business becomes much smoother with a comprehensive understanding of your current digital landscape. That’s why we offer a 10% discount on our digital service design sprints if you choose to transition from an audit to our design services.

However, undergoing the audit does not obligate you to continue working with us if you deem it unnecessary. You can also collaborate with your own development team or utilize our report to engage your preferred service provider.

analytics measurement plan ensures you track the right data with the right metrics
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