Digital marketing

Digital marketing means all forms of marketing done digitally. It is a vital part of marketing if your goal is to get measurable results for your business. How your business uses this form of marketing is also a linked to your business’ digital maturity.

Digital marketing should no longer only be considered as a tool for experienced marketers or digital enthusiasts. It is a vital part of any company’s daily marketing. For instance, without any digital marketing you might end up having an unprofitable online service.

Digital marketing beats traditional advertising 6-0

Digital marketing is not a magic trick. Expertise, experimentation, time and investment are required. Properly done the effectiveness often beats traditional advertising 6-0.

Identify which digital marketing methods are right for you

It’s important to understand that digital marketing includes a number of different tools which can help you get measurable results. Like in traditional marketing, identifying what methods are right for your business is a prerequisite. Not all means are suitable for everyone.

Digital marketing methods include:

Be patient, experimental, bold and persistent

We have to let go of our old views of marketing. A digital marketer of today must be patient, experimental, bold and persistent. This may explain why the efficiency of digital marketing has not yet been achieved by everyone.

We need to be ready to take our assumptions of what actions work and publish them for everyone to see (bold). Then we measure how we did. If the first trial doesn’t work, we change it (experimental). An unsuccessful advertisement campaign is not a failure, but instead a valuable lesson (persistent). For this reason, generating great results usually takes months (patient). On the other hand (cost) efficiency also constantly increases as a result of learning by experimenting.

Build your digital footprint

A key term here is digital footprint. It describes how a person or organization appears in the digital world. For example, a common method of content marketing is to increase the digital footprint (online visibility) by blogging. The greater the footprint is, the more likely a potential customer navigates to the content you offer.

Search engine optimization aims to increase the visibility of the content you generate for better placement in search engine search results. Email marketing aims to reach the people in your customer target group in the right way (preferably at the right time too). Automation can further refine the functionality of digital marketing, for example, using the best-suited channels at the right time.

In summary, digital marketing is essentially a matter of increasing the digital footprint and improving its visibility.