Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing refers to marketing actions done through digital channels. Digital marketing includes all forms of online marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, keyword advertising, social media marketing, and similar forms of marketing. Digital marketing is integral to your day-to-day marketing if your goal is to get measurable results for your business.

When done right, digital marketing beats traditional advertising 6-0

Digital marketing includes a (growing) range of methods and tools to help you get results for your business. As with traditional marketing, you are constantly trying to identify methods that work for your audience for digital marketing to start delivering results. 

Continuous improvement of digital marketing is the norm. For example, A/B testing and conversion optimization improve the results little by little over time through experimentation. Patience and continuous improvement are an essential part of the digital marketing toolbox.

Content marketing and other digital marketing tools

Nowadays, a website is an almost obligatory part of any company’s digital strategy or other organization. Instead of a static business card, it is a constantly evolving digital footprint.

Content marketing is an effective way to build thought leadership, but it requires a lot of work and understanding of how to integrate other digital marketing tools.

Different digital marketing services

The goal of digital marketing should be to create measurable business value. Therefore, we recommend focusing on the business, customers, and defining objectives. While experimentation is a big part of digital development, it can be challenging to manage experiments effectively if objectives are not defined. The starting and target situation will help you to determine the means to achieve results.

Similarly, the industry’s overall competitive situation and competitors’ digital maturity have a significant impact on how much to invest in digital marketing. The less mature the market, the faster and cheaper the results tend to be. Gone are the golden days of the early 2000s, when most segments lacked proper competition. For example, paid advertising (keyword advertising) is now very competitive, and the low-hanging apples were picked long ago.

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Digital marketing is not a silver bullet

Success in digital marketing requires expertise, experimentation, time, and investment. From the outset, shake off the traditional “one size fits all” marketing mindset.

Digital marketers must be patient, willing to experiment, courageous, and persistent. The above list may explain why the effectiveness of digital marketing has not yet been revealed to everyone.

Advertising that doesn’t work should not be seen as a failure but as a valuable lesson. This is why digital marketing usually takes months or even years to deliver results, but on the other hand, (cost) efficiency is constantly increasing due to learning.

On the other hand, the more persistent and better digital marketing is practiced, the easier it is to exploit and the lower the threshold for results, for example, through an improved digital footprint.

The digital footprint shows how your brand is seen

One of the key terms is the digital footprint, which is how an organization or individual is seen in the digital channels. For example, a common thread in content marketing is to increase your digital footprint by writing blog posts. The bigger the footprint, the more likely a potential customer is to find what you have to offer inside your website.