Business Design

Business design builds new business models and transforms a fuzzy business problem into a clear and actionable roadmap

What Business design is

Business Design transforms a value proposition into real business value. Business design is the application of design methods and processes on the development and innovation of business models.

Business design is making sense of new value creation by thinking in relations. Business Design combines both analytical and rational thinking with softer values; it takes into consideration the emotions of customers and users. Business Design brings customer understanding into strategic decision making by identifying new business opportunities that respond to both the customers’ needs and the company’s strategic goals.

How we do it

We work in close co-operation with our customer’s business development teams to reveal the true bottle necks in their processes and to change the fuzzy into a clear and actionable roadmap.

We innovate together with our clients and their customers to find the true value treasures to serve as the basis for new services and business.

Business capabilities that produced competitive advantage just a few years ago no longer do so.

What we do

We help in making sense and solve to the most complex business challenges. We help leaders and companies evolve and speed up their new business and service development processes.

We help to clarify strategy and develop a clear digital service roadmap. Digital service development is a customer-oriented process that starts with service design and continues all the way to market entry.

  • Current status analysis
  • Clarify value propositions
  • Business model prototyping and validation
  • Digital strategy and Roadmapping
  • Align business objectives to KPI’s/metrics