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Today, businesses that are making the biggest impact on their industry have built their success on top of innovative thinking and tailored software solutions.

It is impossible to create competitive edge in today’s business landscape without a deep understanding of digital business modeling and methods.  Just a short while ago “digital” meant a simple marketing web site – not anymore. Today, whole businesses run on top of core software solutions, and this requires a different mindset and tools from the business development team.

Digital business development consists of various methods, modern business models, different frameworks and platforms, ecosystem thinking, digital footprint, agile development and a plethora of technological innovations. The digital method pool is already deep and expanding at an accelerating rate.

The pitfall of making a wrong choice in a pivotal phase can cause serious damage to the competitiveness of a company. Digital must be the default, not an after-thought in modern business.

Innovation and speed are the new must-haves in business development.  What we need is a shift in emphasis from operational competitiveness toward creative competitiveness – the capacity of companies to create, embrace, and successfully execute new ideas.

92% of executives recognize that their organizations must be faster, more networked and more collaborative.

How we do it

We work closely with our customer’s business development teams to identify new opportunities in a co-creation process involving both internal decision makers and selected customers.

What we do

We specialize in helping companies to understand and harness digitality in their modern business development environment.

We help you to identify the bottlenecks and barriers and to crystallize the business concepts. We create together with your business development team a roadmap and convert into an actionable plan to reach mutually set goals.

Who are our typical clients

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Born Digital
Companies who are born digital and who are “Digital to the core”. We will help you to design your business in a modern and scalable way while helping you to do “the right things in the right order at the time. Reference example: Liveto

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Digital Transformer
Companies who are successful in their traditional business but need support in exploiting digital opportunities to expand business. We will help you to choose the right digital tools, maximize impact and accelerate growth to enable you to survive and develop in today’s competitive market. Reference example: Fredman

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Large Enterprise
Corporations who exploit digital opportunities on a large scale. We understand how processes work in large corporations and we can provide a wide range of competences and teams to support in complex challenges.Reference example: Posti

Typical business development may contain the following items

  • Current state analyses and audits
  • Digital business vision
  • Value proposition creation
  • Digital business models and value chains
  • Identifying Business drivers, principles, and initiatives
  • Align business objectives to KPI’s/metrics
  • Strategic road mapping and release planning

Every business is unique and we aim to identify opportunities to build a competitive edge for your business by digital means.


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