Born digital companies

A company with a digital heart

Born digital companies have founded their businesses on top of digital platforms. Everything in business is viewed through digital lens and executed with modern agile mentality.

You deserve an expert partner

Born digital companies live and breath the modern ways of business development. Bar is high to help them to reach even further. Partner has to be multi-talented and commit to a long-lasting co-operation. Modern business design, software scalability, understanding of API-economy, analytics-driven development and service design are common tools for this.

This is why Sofokus might just be the partner you are looking for.

A partner that pushes your further

A born digital company has always known that technology is seldom an obstacle. Thus a good partner focuses first on the business and only after that makes it happen technology-wise. We spar, mentor and challenge you in a co-operative way. We help you to crystallize business paths and choose the appropriate one giving the situation. We audit your current technological platforms and make sure they scale to global use, when your business needs it. Ecosystem thinking, complex business-technology value networks, data-driven design and such are a normal day at the office for us.

We have a common goal: provide actual, measurable business value. Nothing else satisfies us.

Do you want be the leader of your market?

We understand that you started your business to do things differently. It usually means that aim is high, maybe even market leader by disruption. We share your growth mindset. We strive to help you to succeed in a global scale. This requires specialised business-technical understanding and vast experience. We have been building digital-first business almost 20 years and learned by doing what it takes.

Platform economy enabled digital business concepts unlock a chance to disrupt.

We want to form a strategical alliance with you

Typical areas of help for Born Digital companies are:

  • Current state analysis and audits
  • Digital business vision
  • Value proposition creation
  • Secret sauce of disruption
  • Digital Benchmarks
  • API architecture and API ecosystems
  • Digital business models and value networks
  • Identifying Business drivers, principles, and initiatives
  • Align business objectives to KPI’s/metrics
  • Strategic road mapping and release planning

Do you have a digital-first strategy and you are a startup?

If yes, then you might be eligible to join our born-digital startup acceleration & co-operation program called Sofokus Push®. Sofokus Push is for startup companies in the process of developing everything  from  a digital-first strategy to successful implementation.



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