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We help with all digital challenges

Today, any mid-sized or large enterprise uses digital means regularly regardless of the market segment. Crystallizing of new ideas, prioritizing of developments steps, implementation of complex software systems requires proactive and experienced digital partner.

We focus on building trust

Development projects are typically longer and bigger in mid-sized or large enterprises. Good communication is the key to handle the risks and gain trust both ways. We have a burn-proofed model for ensuring efficient project communication.

We offer a multitalented team for you.

We adapt to your needs

A good digital companion knows to support a larger enterprise correctly. It is good to be able to present fresh ideas, but at the same time honor the working methods in place. We have a wide competence portfolio where you can pick the skills you need.

You might need heady data analysis or lots of end-user reviews. Business design skills are needed to crystallize new business ideas. Digital platforms and ecosystem building skills are mandatory on implementation.

Risk management is crucial

There’s no shortage of methods or tools in digital business development. First digital steps tend to be easy, but the game becomes more difficult later. Building a digital-first strategy goes deep in every area of business. A good partner knows how to leverage the budget correctly. We offer you experience professional help to identify right tools and methods at the right time.

Using every digital tool is not a strategy.

We want to form a strategical alliance with you

Typical areas of help for mid-sized/large enterprise are:

– Current state analysis and audits

– Digital business vision consultancy

– Secret sauce of disruption

– Digital Benchmarks

– API architecture and API ecosystems

– Digital business models and value networks

– Identifying Business drivers, principles, and initiatives

– Align business objectives to KPI’s/metrics

– Strategic road mapping and release planning

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Product Director

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Head of Ecosystems & Sales

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