Digital Transformer

From traditional to digital business

Digital transformer is a company that has a solid history of business-making with traditional methods. Maintaining competitive edge is not possible anymore without strategic use of digital means.

Need to transform

You have probably already felt the pressure to evolve digitally. No matter what your business area, today’s organization will not survive without having to transform at some point.

Usually, the need to introduce changes is already self-evident and well understood in the organization. Nevertheless, it might be unclear where to start, which means to use, or how to get everybody on board. Everything often boils down to two things:

  1. Organisation. Resources and competences
  2. Digital-compatible strategy

When people are open for change and digital is understood correctly in the business strategy, you are most likely ready to proceed. We will help you to identify the focal points of your transformation process and to create a new version of your strategy, where digital is injected to the core while preserving solid ongoing business.

Transformation equals competitiveness

One might ask why it is necessary to reach out for digital-driven business models. Simply because eventually someone in your market place will do it, why not you? Think of any market segment and you can probably notice quite easily if it is still being operated traditionally or if it has already gone through transformation for the most part.

Let’s think about the clothing sector for a second. Traditionally, it was all about brick and mortar, whereas nowadays ecommerce is becoming the qualifying factor to even keep you in the game. It takes more than a regular ecommerce clothing store to stay ahead of the game. You might need something new, like an on-line store selling used clothes, to solve the problem of product returns and building new revenue streams.

Too many executives focus on ideas, but to generate powerful and effective solutions, they ought to instead focus on behaviors and culture—fostering teams that ask questions, experiment, refine, and collaborate.

We can help you to experiment further

It is all about motivating people with a right kind of plan that brings current assets in line with digital opportunities and tools in the right way. Think of us as your best friends when you embark on using digital in your business. Good thing is that we have noticed that there are bunch digital-minded individuals already on your organization just waiting for a opportunity.

Typical areas of help for organizations in transformative stage are:

  • Current state analysis and audits
  • Digital business vision
  • Digital Benchmarks
  • Strategy Revamp / Update (to include digital)
  • Training for board & key personnel
  • API architecture
  • Digital business models and value chains
  • Identifying Business drivers, principles, and initiatives
  • Aligning business objectives with KPI’s/metrics
  • Strategic road mapping and release planning



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