There are blueprints behind digital skyscrapers

You might have a brilliant idea for your business but need help figuring out the technical stuff. You might need consultation turning your digital transformation ideas into visual wireframes, beautiful UX design or simplified process flow plans. Or you could profit from a complete technical health check to your existing software solution to give you peace of mind.

Why Technical Architecture

Technical architecture is your technical insurance for digital success. It’s easy to say that “platform X is the best for us”, but it’s harder to tell why? It’s important to think the structure and a roadmap that really supports business & IT background processes and systems, minimize the need for compromises and tackles the bottlenecks that might accumulate.

The modern technical architecture combines business-needs, design concepts and technical opportunities.

How we do it

When the business model and initial service design concepts are baked, we will construct a solid solution architecture as the foundation for technical implementation. The technical architecture will be compared and collided with the concept and modified based on the decisions. Usually, the results draw a big picture that can be understood as a solution architecture or a blueprint for the development.

Also, we can extend life-span of your existing software solution by providing system audit or quality assurance services. Typically, we begin by evaluating the current state of the software – documentation, version control management and deployment processes.

What we do

We inspect, audit and build a solution architecture with the way that it takes your business requirements and needs into account. Our solution architects guide you to the correct technologies and design your software solution so that it is scalable, ready for the future (for example GDPR) and fulfills your users’ expectations.

Architecture services:

  • Software inspections, audits & code review
  • Solution architecture design
  • Technical consultation

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