To infinity and beyond

We have implemented hundreds of internet and mobile projects both with traditional and agile methods for different organizations. Our experience and expertise are here for you.

How we do it?

We prefer using agile methods in our projects. We have used Kanban and Scrum, and based on our experience, the best model will be generated in a collaboration with our development team and customer. Normally, we prefer sprint model with backlog planning/grooming, dailies, development sprints, demos and retrospective discussions.

Software development is an innovative process that needs to be managed carefully. There are always internal & external situations that surprise, brings alternative solutions on a table or needs more than agreed before. We have done digital solutions for over 17 years, and that’s why our radar is quite sophisticated regarding these. Everything can be tackled if both parties act transparently and there isn’t any kind of misalignment between the customer-provider roles. We are on the same side and that’s why we don’t believe in single projects – we believe in partnerships.

What we do?

Our tech team has a broad range of software development and engineering expertise in various technologies and platforms. We develop modern web and mobile solutions for demanding needs that are at the core of our customers business.

We are interested in solutions that use open source technologies, praise API-economy, microarchitecture design and/or digital business evolvement. We develop by using agile methods with a process of testing, documentation and quality assurance. When needed, we also can migrate your legacy software product to a more sustainable and modern tech stack or platform.

Our software development services include:

  • Web and mobile development
  • eCommerce and Content Management Systems
  • System integrations
  • Testing and documentation
  • DevOps techniques and Cloud platforms
  • Quality assurance (QA)
  • Service Desk, hosting and maintenance

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