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Case Mintti Siivous -modernising the cleaning industry

Mintti Siivous is a new type of cleaning company that puts people and responsibility at the heart of its operations and makes strong use of digitality. The idea to start the company was born when Emilia Nordquist dreamed of being able to vent the old-fashioned manners of the cleaning industry and promote a corporate culture in which the professionalism of its employees is valued. According to Nordquist, issues in maintaining sustainable customer relationships and in the quality of work were very common in the industry, and there was a lot to improve in the employee experience. She was also concerned about the chemical load and environmental impact of the cleaning products used in the industry.

A Digital Heart® supports daily routines

For a long time, the cleaning industry has been managed with notebooks and handwritten notes, which has led to coordination and communication challenges. With the help of the system built with GapHook, employees can easily find their cleaning destination and be able to manage the start and end times of the facility with any additional information. With the help of automated communication, end customers can follow the cleaning progress through their own pages, give feedback and be in touch with Mintti Cleaning.

Case Mintti Siivous
Mintti Siivous Emilia Nordquist

Sofokus Ventures speeds things up

The vision of a revolutionary challenger in the traditional field quickly became clearer when paths met with Sofokus. Together with Sofokus Ventures, a cleaning growth business was founded. The starting point for success was promising: Nordquist has a thorough knowledge of the cleaning industry and customers, while Sofokus brings a strong understanding of digital business and expertise in building a growth company. A shared value base and a similar attitude to work are key to the success of the joint venture.

In a couple of years, Mintti Cleaning has grown into a company that receives a significant number of new contacts from both households and companies through customer recommendations. The company’s monthly revenue doubled during its first year of operation, even though the company was set up in the middle of the pandemic.

300 %
Increase in turnover
Customer churn
“I would hardly have dared to jump into entrepreneurship without the support of Sofokus.”
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Emilia Nordquist
CEO, Mintti Siivous

What was done

Tools, methods and technologies

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Mintti Siivous Emilia

Case Mintti Siivous

Mintti Siivous is an expert company founded in 2020 that offers business and household cleaning services. We believe that the cleaning industry needs to become more responsible – whether it is staff, customers or the world around us. We invest in responsibly produced, high expertise and first-class customer service, and we take full advantage of digitality.