User interface design

User interface design

User interface design creates customer loyalty

User Interface Design (UI design) shapes how a user interacts with the user interface of a digital product, service, or system. User interface refers to the visible part of a software or system that a person uses. The goal of UI design is to make the most enjoyable interface possible.

According to Hubspot, 90% of users leave a website due to poor usability.

The competition for customer attention and loyalty is fierce. The switching costs to another service provider are non-existent. The user interface is your company’s quiet customer service person, keeping your customers engaged and helping them achieve their goals.

The investment in a functioning user interface pays itself back, among other things, in terms of improved company image, reduced operating and training costs, and customer satisfaction. This way, UI design also contributes to the company’s ultimate business goals.

User interface design

Did you know that 31% of your customers think good usability is the most important thing on your site?


What is a well-designed user interface like?

  • Easy to use: the user quickly and intuitively understands how to navigate the website, use the product or achieve the desired goal with the service.
  • Interactive: the user interface guides the user to the desired function.
  • Responsive: the interface fits all types and sizes of devices and monitors.
  • Accessible: The interface takes into account any special needs of users, such as hearing and vision impairments or a language barrier.
  • Consistent: the interface fits the company’s brand and business goals.

UX design

User experience design, or UX design, is often mentioned in the same context as UI design. UX design focuses on the service path the user goes through instead of designing visual elements. Good service design takes advantage of both, as both aim to strengthen customer satisfaction through a successful user experience.

“The service was on the market for a couple of minutes when we already received our first order – the best feedback on customer orientation.”
Tytti Läntinen
IT Service and Development Manager, Nordic Green Energy

Service design

As the name implies, service design means the design, development and innovation of services through design methods. Its goal is to design the service experience so that the service meets both the user needs and the business goals of the organization.


Concepting helps to structure thinking, make better decisions, improve the idea of service, and communicate the idea forward. Concepting is an affordable way to experiment with ideas while keeping risks moderate.


The shape and style of the prototype depend on what is needed. The prototype can be anything from a sketch drawn on paper to a digital wireframe. The greatness of prototypes lies in that they make it easier to find possible errors in the operation logic.

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