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Driving growth by redesigning the digital purchase path

QualityDesk is a quality assurance and coaching software for improving sales and customer service, enabling companies to support their departments, teams and employees in achieving their goals. The QualityDesk team wants to reach more potential clients and attract them to their services. An e-commerce solution was being considered and Sofokus was invited to design it for maximum impact.

However, when the potential of the proposed new digital sales channel was further explored, it became clear that QualityDesk would benefit more from focusing on driving the right kind of traffic and leads to its website. We therefore set out to understand better the needs of QualityDesk’s clients and to design their website to serve them as effectively as possible.

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Starting by increasing knowledge

During the consultation, we defined the starting points and objectives for QualityDesk’s digital customer acquisition, studied the purchasing paths of key client segments and audited the website to help us shape it in the right direction. Based on these findings, we created a roadmap that helps QualityDesk’s in-house development team to start growing their business through digital channels.

The improvements have a direct impact on the number of leads

Although the QualityDesk team hasn’t implemented all the measures in our roadmap yet, the results are very encouraging. For instance, the quality of leads has already been improved and their number is increasing.

“Cooperation during the project was seamless.”
Johanna Kotaniemi, Marketing Specialist, QualityDesk

What we did

  • Mapping the current state and setting goals
  • Customer and site user profiling
  • Website audit in terms of purchase path and usability
  • Technical requirements specification
  • Recommendations for the site and purchase path development for QualityDesk’s in-house development team

Projektissa käytettyjä menetelmiä, teknologioita ja työkaluja

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About QualityDesk

Established in 2017, QualityDesk was born out of founder Ville Mikkonen’s need to coach his sales team to more successful customer encounters. Today, QualityDesk helps guide more than 7,000 users in seven countries every week.