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Case | SteraLux portal

SteraLux is partner portal for LED lighting design.

SteraLux portal for designing LED lighting

Stera Technologies is an international technology company whose services focus on the design and implementation of SteraLux LED lighting systems. The company was constantly working on several lighting projects, and not all of them would necessarily have required a SteraLux expert right from the start. The tool under consideration was for supporting the rapid promotion of projects, which would help partners – i.e. electricians – to conveniently and independently collect and document the necessary information for lighting design work. The starting point for the new partner portal was the management and resourcing of diverse projects.

The new partner portal streamlines the use of resources and frees up time

In cooperation with Sofokus, a GapHook-based portal was developed , enabling partners to make lighting plans SteraLux experts can then refine by offering suitable lighting solutions.

“The portal serves as a sales tool for SteraLux. At this point, it has already been tested by some of our partners, and the feedback has been good. It’s easy to use and logical”, says Toni Kulikoff, Customer Manager at Stera.

SteraLux-kumppaniportaali helpottaa monivaiheisten projektien hallinnointi- ja resursointiongelmia.

SteraLux was impressed by Sofokus’ customer orientation and genuine interest in creating value

“Sofokus experts encouraged us to actively consider our goals for the portal and how it should work in practice to get the best use out of it. Everything indicated how Sofokus is truly interested in our business, goals and the successful outcome.”

Communication has been good, and it’s been easy to follow the work progress with a dedicated platform:

“Transparency has been particularly good. The agreed budget, billing and work progress have been monitored in real time, and there have been no surprises. We’ve been kept posted all the time, and there is little need for separate communication, for example by e-mail. Thanks for that!”

The goal is to make the portal as widely available to partners as possible. Further development ideas have emerged with the project, and in the future it is planned to integrate CRM into the portal to streamline the ordering process.

“We look forward to continuing work with Sofokus. Project management has been reliable and consistent, from workshops to the big picture. Things have proceeded logicallt in clear steps, and the agendas of the meetings have kept”, concludes Kulikoff.

“Everything indicated how Sofokus is truly interested in our business, goals and the successful outcome.”
Toni Kulikoff, toimitusjohtaja, Stera Technologies Oy
Toni Kulikoff
Key Account Manager, Stera Technologies

What we did

  • Tool for mapping lighting needs for partners and sales
  • Logging of the end customer’s schedule and plan requests and the logic for sending requests for quotations

Tools, methods and technologies used during the projects


Stera Technologies as a company

Stera Technologies Ltd is a globally operating group specializing in contract manufacturing of mechanics and electronics, one of the services focusing on the design and implementation of SteraLux LED lighting systems. Stera Technologies employs more than 850 professionals throughout Finland, and the company’s turnover in 2020 was more than 80 million euros.