Stora Enso Metsä

Stora Enso Metsä

Stora Enso Metsä’s website supports forest owners

Stora Enso Metsä supplies the Finnish Stora Enso factories with timber raw material and provides expertise, support and a wide range of services to forest owners. Sofokus carried out a website redesign for Stora Enso Metsä, with the aim of creating a technically functional, easy-to-maintain and user-friendly platform for all matters related to forest ownership and trade.

Focus on the ease of use, simplicity and functionality

There are more than 600 000 forest owners in Finland, many of whom may be unaware of the potential of their forest and how it should be tended. Stora Enso Metsä therefore wanted its website to become an even more useful and widely accessible resource where forest owners could easily obtain information on forestry and submit offer requests for services. For this reason, particular attention was paid to the site’s easily navigable structure and the clarity of the user paths.

During the development process, we also focused on making it easy for the Stora Enso Metsä team to create new pages and content themselves. In the redesign, a so-called block editor model was introduced, so that even a less technical administrator can build new pages from ready-made content elements that already look realistic in draft form. The site was also integrated with Hubspot to allow the Stora Enso Metsä team to create forms and track contacts in a more streamlined way.

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“Extra points for speed and flexibility. During the project, we always received help as soon as we needed it, or the next day at the very least.”
Mia Aalto, Go-to-Market Lead, Stora Enso Metsä
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Renewed website engages users and makes team members’ work easier

The new Stora Enso Metsä website saw daylight in December 2022. Although the development, optimisation of the user experience and setup of metrics are still partly underway, the metrics of user engagement increased already during the first month. The content elements allow site administrators to create new pages more easily and flexibly, and the Hubspot integration makes it simpler to track site performance and leads.

Need extra hands for your project?

We are happy to collaborate with other digital business development providers or join forces with your in-house team. For example, you can borrow backend and frontend developers, architects, designers and consultants from us.

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What we did

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About Stora Enso Metsä

Stora Enso Metsä supplies Stora Enso’s Finnish cardboard, biomaterial, timber and paper factories with around 20 million cubic metres of raw material per year. Stora Enso Metsä also provides forest owners with expertise and assistance in forest matters throughout the forest life cycle. Stora Enso’s Finnish wood procurement operations employ 450 people and 100 harvesting and transport subcontractors. The Finnish wood procurement business is part of Stora Enso’s Forest division.

Stora Enso Metsä