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Contributing with design expertise to multi-supplier service reform

Urakkamaailma is the leading service in the Finnish market for finding reliable renovation contractors. Through Urakkamaailma’s online service, consumers can submit request for quotations for their renovation projects, which reach more than 10 000 contractors registered with the service. The service is free of charge for consumers and contractors are charged for projects contracted through Urakkamaailmailma.

However, the Urakkamaailma team was looking for ways to encourage more contractors to use the Urakkamaa platform in a more purposeful way, i.e. to also sign the projects and not to only find clients. The starting point for the redesign of the service was to make it as motivating and profitable as possible for contractors to sign up for projects through the Urakkamaailma service. Sofokus contributed to the renewal in terms of service design and UX design.

The renewed Urakkamaailma engages and rewards

The renewed Urakkamaailma service was designed to offer contractors a wide range of incentives to keep using the service. Bronze and Silver user profiles were created for contractors to increase their visibility, with the possibility to upgrade their profile. The service path for consumers to submit an offer requests was also streamlined. All the redesigns were based on user data and with usability in mind.

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NPS + 14,8 points

Direct impact on customer satisfaction

Although many aspects of the renewal of the Urakkamaailmailma service and the improvement of the user interface are still ongoing, the results we are already seeing are encouraging. Not only has the Urakkamaailma’s NPS score increased by 14.8 points, but the data also shows that users are using the streamlined site in a more purposeful way.

“The help from Sofokus has been top notch, and they are clearly professionals in their field. Together we have been able to come up with new ideas and develop the service even further.”
Kalle Koivuniemi, Founder & CEO, Urakkamaailma

Delivering results with a multi-partner approach

The Urakkamaailma service was initially designed with the DK&A team in charge, and we at Sofokus contributed to the project in service design and UX design. After the initial project was completed, the user interface of the Urakkamaailma service still needed further development, so our fruitful collaboration continues.

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What we did

  • Implementation roadmap for the service’s renewal.
  • Clarifying the service paths for consumers, contractors and administrators of the Urakkamaailma service.
  • User interface design and implementation of the service visuals.

Methods, technologies and tools used in the projecta

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Urakkamaailma uudisti palvelunsa monitoimittajamallilla.

About Urakkamaailma

Urakkamaailma, founded in 2010, connects households, housing companies and construction sites with more than 10 000 contractors all over Finland.