UX Design

Our mind is set on designing a future where people will benefit from a simpler, smarter technology.

Why UX design

Good UX design saves people’s time and effort. Service development is no longer about designing things customers want. It’s about designing solutions that give customers the outcomes they need.

How we do it

We do not make pretty UIs based on artistic visions and assumptions because assumptions are the main cause for all screw-ups. We build all our designs based on research and data. We test all designs with actual users before the launch to make sure they serve  the target audience well.

We are pushing our team to their limits to make services easy, exiting and engaging to use. Design is not about creating something pretty. It’s about creating value.

What we do

We help companies to create engaging user experiences and evolve their services.

  • Research
  • Wireframes
  • Usability testing
  • Rapid Service Prototyping
  • Collaborative co-creation
  • Design Sprint facilitation


Do we really need a hamburger menu or a hero carousel in 2018?

When we are considering usability and functionality of the website, are we lacking behind because it is so popular to use certain elements such as a hamburger menu or a hero carousel?

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