Customer-Centric Design

Digital transformation efforts are radically customer centric

Our approach to design is practical and focused on creating competitive advantage and new business.

Why customer-centric design?

We are experiencing a most volatile and disruptive business climate the world has ever known. In this business climate you must have a solid understanding of who your customers are and what they want. Without this understanding, you are likely to lose the game to your competitor.

Design is not only “important” to businesses; in a very real sense, today’s businesses “are” their design.

How we do it?

Customer-centric design always starts with research to find out what the end-customers actually need and what the business and technology requirements are. Our design team works in close co-operation with our Data Analytics team to get the insights for the basis of the design work.

Our approach to design is a methodical approach that includes continuous testing of hypotheses.


systematic approach by sofokus


What we do?

We help the organization to solve complex challenges with human-centered design. We help in connecting the dots, in making sense of complex challenges and solving them.

Our design projects range from helping our customers in clarifying their vision and business strategies to more traditional UX & Visual design. Our mind is set on designing a future where people will benefit from a simpler, smarter technology.

Business Design
Making sense of and clarifying your strategy and roadmap

Service Design
Helping to place customer needs in the center of your focus

UX Design
Helping to create  world-class customer-experiences

Visual Design
Helping you to visually stand out in competition