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Extensive service reform supports people in need even more effectively

The A-Clinic Foundation is a non-profit foundation striving for a more humane society. The Foundation’s work focuses on social work, online support and addiction research.

The A-Clinic Foundation and its related initiatives have a long history of providing digital services. However, some of the services were technically outdated and the Foundation was also undergoing a re-branding process. Sofokus helped A-clinic Foundation to build a digital ecosystem that reaches the widest possible audience and seamlessly serves multiple different user groups.

We started working closely with the A-Clinic Foundation team by assessing the current situation, familiarising ourselves with the target groups of the different services and gaining understanding of the objectives of each service. The service design project resulted in a concept for a multisite portfolio of five websites, which will house all of the A-Clinic Foundation’s digital services from now on.

Alongside our concept design project, the A-Clinic Foundation was undergoing a comprehensive rebranding process. Based on the new brand, we designed user-friendly interfaces for the websites.

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200 000
Users reached every month
Professionals involved in the project
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Multisite approach saves time, effort and costs

We opted for a WordPress-based multisite solution, especially because of its convenience. A multisite environment enables sites to be managed from a single location, saving time and effort. In many cases, a multisite solution also offers cost savings because several sites can be hosted on the same server. In addition, multisite makes it easier to manage security and updates and allows content to be easily shared and reused between sites.

  • The A-Clinic Foundation gathers important information on research, the impact of its activities and how dozens of different projects operate and provide help.
  • Dopinglinkki provides information and health advice on fitness doping, i.e. doping outside professional and elite sports.
  • Lasisen lapsuus provides information, support and services for people affected by parental alcohol abuse and those who encounter it in their work.
  • Nuortenlinkki is a website for young people focusing on substance abuse and mental health issues.
  • Päihdelinkki gathers information and services related to substance abuse and other addictions.
“Sofokus’ team has done a fantastic job. They are top professionals in their field: deadlines are met, results are delivered, and working together is also fun.”
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Tarja Virolainen
Head of Communications, A-Clinic Foundation

Project manager borrowed for the whole project

Throughout the project, the work was guided by our digital business consultant Lauriina Holmström. Lauriina’s job was to ensure the project progressed smoothly both from the client’s and Sofokus’ side. The model worked well, as the project was extensive, with a lot of moving parts and people.

If your development project could use some extra hands or a project manager, don’t hesitate to ask about borrowing our people!

Sisällön optimointi asiakasystävällisesti.
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What we did

  • Definition of the contents, functionalities and technical features of the website concept
  • User interface design
  • UX design
  • Software design and technical implementation of a five-page multisite (WordPress)
  • Measurement plan and setup of analytics dashboards (Google Analytics & Tag Manager)
  • Project management throughout the project

A-Clinic Foundation

The A-Clinic Foundation is a non-profit charitable foundation that has been helping the disadvantaged in our society since 1955. The A-Clinic Foundation’s online and face-to-face services build safety nets for vulnerable people in Finland. The Foundation provides professionals with tools and information to develop services for people with substance abuse and mental health problems. Extensive social advocacy is part of the Foundation’s core mission.

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