Continuous Care

When you are serious about making business on top of a digital solution, you appreciate continuous care services. Every hour offline equals lost revenue.


Online-based and digital core businesses need constant care: monitoring, upgrading, hotfixing, logging and et cetera. We offer a full range of maintenance services for running your core business solutions smoothly. And if something expected happens, our team is ready to get it up & running in no time.

When you have invested significant amount of resources to create a software-based business backbone, you want to ensure that it operates at all times. We will make sure that the hardware & software environment is correctly chosen and it scales for the needs of your users. After this we provide you human support & technical monitoring services to keep the environment running.


We take care of your digital services so you don’t have to worry about for example security, performance and backups. We also like to suggest potential changes to your services that could help you even more. We are focused on delivering software solutions with perfect business fit, this goes for our maintenance services as well.

In order to take care of your software we have four services tailored for you:

  • Hosting takes care of the environment where your software is running
  • Solution Care takes care of software feature and security updates
  • Service Desk / QA takes care of quality of service and helps if there are any issues with your software
  • Continuous Development takes care of software development after release


Hello API economy!

We can say API economy has exploded rapidly.  IoT (Internet of things) devices become ubiquitous, using APIs (application programmer interfaces) to transfer data between users and systems.

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