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Better Monday® Podcast

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Better Monday® Podcast helps leaders, entrepreneurs and other growth-minded people get up to full speed with a 360-degree view of happiness, work–life balance and organizational responsibility. New episodes are released almost monthly around the year!

Better Monday Podcast host Milla Heikkilä

Better Monday Podcast host

Milla Heikkilä

Chief Happiness Officer

Milla is a happiness ambassador whose ultimate goal is to increase overall well-being. Whether at work or in her free time, she loves to see happy faces around her. At Sofokus, she can live out her passion and reinforce the message of happiness at work.

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2 | Catalina Butnaru: Business ethics & women

What is a Minimum Ethical Product? Why do we need to talk about ethics in digital business altogether?  And why are women centric communities like “Women in tech” and “Women in AI” possibly detrimental to gender equality? In this episode Milla interviews Catalina Butnaru, Global Ethics Lead at City AI. The interview was done during the Shift Business Festival 2019 and recorded on one of Sofokus’ sauna ferries. Women in tech – do not perpetuate the prejudices Catalina has been involved in Women in AI community for a couple of years. The percentage of women in tech and especially in…

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1 | Marcin Floryan: Different shades of diversity

In this Better Monday podcast episode Milla interviews Marcin Floryan, Director of Engineering at Spotify. Spotify has 5000 employees all around the world and it employs around 100 different nationalities. This global audio streaming subscription service has succeeded in building diversity in the workplace. The company has found it essential to remove employees’ fears so that they can be who they really are and do their best work. There are a lot of advantages in diversity, but it is not necessarily easy for companies to create such a diverse workplace. Different languages, tones of voices and belief systems, for example, can create misunderstandings…

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