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Better Monday® Podcast helps leaders, entrepreneurs and other growth-minded people get up to full speed with a 360-degree view of happiness, work–life balance and organizational responsibility. New episodes are released almost monthly around the year!

Better Monday Podcast host Milla Heikkilä

Better Monday Podcast host

Milla Heikkilä

Chief Happiness Officer

Milla is a happiness ambassador whose ultimate goal is to increase overall well-being. Whether at work or in her free time, she loves to see happy faces around her. At Sofokus, she can live out her passion and reinforce the message of happiness at work.

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14 | Miha Matlievski: Learning from failure

Why are people so often afraid of failure? Like one mistake could determine the whole life. But if you really think about it, many great things wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for failures. Failing helps us to determine whether an idea is good or not. When we fail fast, we simultaneously minimize the losses and are ready to quickly try something else, if the current strategy is not working. On this Better Monday® podcast episode Milla Heikkilä and Miha Matlievski talk about failing. Miha is a fail coach and his job is to help other entrepreneurs and organizations succeed with the…

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13 | Lori Mihalich-Levin: Work after parental leave

On the thirteenth episode of Better Monday podcast Milla Heikkilä and Lori Mihalich-Levin talk about the challenges facing especially new parents when returning to work after parental leave. Lori herself is a mother of two. She went through a struggle when she got back from maternity leave. She is a lawyer by profession, but she also helps new parents to adjust to the new situation with her company called Mindful Return. For Lori having a better Monday means two things Alone time over the weekend to recharge Having childcare “I was often crying on the kitchen floor. Both children were waking a lot…

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12 | Christmas special: Meditation

Usually, on Better Monday podcast we interview inspiring guests all over the world. This year we’ve had so many great guests and learned so much about them and their business culture. This won’t stop here, and we have some amazing guests coming up. But since Christmas time is right around the corner, we wanted to do something special. This time in the episode, we have warm and calming meditation to ease your stress. Take this time only for yourself because you definitely deserved it. Sit back, relax For this meditation, you don’t have to get into your yoga pants. The…

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11 | Camilla Tuominen: Emotions in workplace

Our second guest this season is Camilla Tuominen, who probably needs no further introduction (at least here in Finland). Camilla is a surprising combination of many things: a popular keynote speaker, author, illustrator, startup founder and business influencer. She is employing her versatile skills to help people in understanding and leading their emotions, as emotional intelligence is key to both personal and business success.  In this episode Camilla explains how both organizations and individuals can benefit from bringing emotions to the workplace. She also shares many great tips on how to be more productive by balancing out work tasks according to…

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10 | Jan-Philipp Martini: Mindfulness at work

Last season on Better Monday podcast we had the pleasure of hosting many inspiring guests with diverse backgrounds. We interviewed people from highly innovative companies such as Uber, Spotify and Netflix and discussed themes like diversity, recruiting and the future of work. The second season will continue with similar topics, aiming to increase the knowledge of happiness at work. Our first guest this season is Jan-Philipp Martini from Boston Consulting Group. Jan-Philipp, who loves nature and meditation, works as a consultant in agile transformation and leadership development. Together with his colleague, he has started a big mindfulness community at BCG. The community has raised…

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9 | Nitesh Agrawal: Remote team culture

“I clearly saw that remote is the future. Why not to build something upon this?” On his solo backpacking trip to Vietnam, Indiez founder Nitesh Agrawal met digital nomads from all around the world. He was amazed to hear their stories and convinced by their high levels of productivity and healthy work-life balance. “Why can’t everyone work like this?” he thought, and from that thought Indiez was born. Today Indiez is a platform company that hires freelance coders and designers from all over the world. It operates 100% remotely and after the acquisition with CrewScale, the organization offers work for…

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8 | Mari Puoskari: Sustainable & responsible business

Colleagues make a better Monday for Mari Puoskari, who works as a Group CEO of Finnish Consulting Group. Mari Puoskari is a mom of two and an active runner. She was one of the first directors of sustainability consulting in Finland and has worked with corporate social and environmental responsibility since 2009. In this Better Monday podcast episode Milla and Mari Puoskari talk about corporate responsibility. While building a strong career in the field of sustainability consulting, Mari has also managed to prioritise her own well-being and take care of her family life. In this episode Mari shares her tips on how to…

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7 | Bruce Wang: Organizational culture at Netflix

The corona virus is spreading all over the world, forcing organizations to work remotely. Sofokus has been on remote-only-mode for some time now and it seems that all the other companies have to do the same sooner or later. For this Better Monday podcast episode, Milla interviewed Bruce Wang, who works as Director of Engineering at Netflix. This American media-services provider and production company has also made some changes and advised its employees to work from home instead of coming to the office. In this episode Bruce explains how employees of Netflix are coping with the situation and gives some insights to organizational…

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6 | Åsa Caap: Intrapreneurship and innovation

Åsa Caap is a Stockholm based entrepreneur, intrapreneur and author of the book Corporate Hacker, which is a survival guide for entrepreneurs in the corporate world. She is known for being “a warrior that get things done”, and she is a strong leader known for building healthy and productive teams. In this Better Monday podcast episode Milla interviews Åsa about intrapreneurship and happiness at work. What does intrapreneurship mean? Intrapreneurship means being an entrepreneur within a bigger organization or corporation. An intrapreneur is an entrepreneur running a start-up inside another company. The biggest mistake is to take an intrapreneurial start-up and treat it like…

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5 | Perttu Pölönen: Future of work

In the future the nature of work gets more demanding and intense. Robots can tackle many issues faster than humans and thus, some jobs will disappear and stop existing completely. For this reason, we humans should focus on developing the skills that separate us from robots. Robots are good with numbers, but they still lack qualities such as curiosity, creativity and compassion. These ‘meta-skills’ are the skills that should be taught in schools and in organizations. These are the skills that will help people succeed even though the world changes. In the fifth episode of Better Monday podcast Milla interviews Perttu Pölönen (a 25-year-old…

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4 | Monika Werthén: Work-life balance at Uber

In the fourth Better Monday podcast episode, Milla and Monika Werthén from Uber talk about retaining work-life balance in this hectic time. Is it possible to have them both? A successful career and a healthy and loving family life? Yes, it is if you ask Monika Werthén. A super woman, who wakes up at 5:30 am to do her morning workout, after which she heads to the office to lead Uber’s marketing in the Nordics. Monika has managed to build a successful career and simultaneously retain her work-life balance and take care of her family with three children. Her current job at…

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3 | Jumanne Mtambalike: Entrepreneurship in Africa

Entrepreneurship in Africa – How does the eco-system of innovation and startups work in a continent where 18 million youths enter the job markets every year? How can companies address the issue of skills mismatch? Can we use technology to solve pressing global issues? In this episode of Better Monday Podcast Teemu Malinen interviews Jumanne Mtambalike, the CEO of Sahara Ventures.    Entrepreneur, innovator, father of one Jumanne Mtambalike is a Tanzanian software engineer, entrepreneur and innovator who spends most of his time creating an innovation eco-system in Tanzania. Jumanne lives by his personal manifesto: “Best way to start a program is to be the…

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