Founder’s manifesto

“We give you the opportunity to shine. To grow safely over your own container and whisper to shout. We do not believe in corporations, hierarchies or molds that numb people’s insights into routine performances. We believe in openness to encourage growth. These values ​​weld together teams that transform the wildest visions into a everyday life.

We’re not aiming for mediocre. We unite ideas, people and technology in ways that will shape the future. All of this is done bravely, pushing the boundaries, and relying on a buddy. For great miracles always happen behind curtains, without forcing while strongly believing. When the prizes are awarded, our attention is already a step ahead.

This is a promise – elsewhere you can get easier. We want you to have all your potential, including the one you have not yet recognized. We believe in you when others don’t. We give you the opportunity to shine in your own sport, grow safely and get your voice heard.

Welcome home.”

– Teemu Malinen, Founder of Sofokus Group

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