Sofokus Push®

Would you like to push your digital business to the next level?

What is Sofokus Push®?

Sofokus Push® is a co-operation program, where we make a strategic alliance with you in order to accelerate your digital business.

Who can apply?

We seek growth-minded teams with high targets and proven track record. We don’t get scared by you being at early stages. We expect that your core business strategy relies heavily on digital solutions.

  • Enterpreneur-minded team
  • Early-stage startup
  • Scalable business idea
  • Born-digital business

Why Sofokus Push?

The landscape of building business has dramatically changed. Global success is more accessible than ever, but at the same time extremely competitive. The talent-set needed for building a thriving digital-age business is fundamentally different than before. More cloud than land. More technical, but still humane.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Old rules do not comply anymore. We know the pain, since we have been right there since the dawn of Internet and mobile revolution. Now, we want to share our experiences and help you to succeed.

How to apply

  • You have a get shit done attitude. We are seeking early stage start-ups that move fast and break things.
  • You have a born-digital business idea. You are using (or would like to use) digital technologies in your core business strategy.
  • You have a killer team. A team with proven track record for executing.
  • You mean business. At least one of your team member is is dedicated full-time to building the company.
  • You are growth-minded. We seek teams that value growth. Growth equals stepping into uncomfort zone regurarly.
  • You are the missing piece. You bring something valuable to our current community of growth minded companies.
  • You are looking for more than just capital. We are not your typical VC or angel investor. We take the risks and get our hands dirty.

Club Push

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Sales & Concepting

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Otto Sunnari

Sales Director

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Tomi Pyrhönen

Director - Helsinki

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