Search Engine Optimization Audit

Visibility on the web consists of a variety of factors and one of those is search engine optimization. Search Engine optimization audit helps you achieve a comprehensive picture about the state of your visibility in search engines and gives you concrete tips and guides on how to increase it.

Why should you do an search engine optimization audit?

The audit helps you better understand the state of your search engine visibility and helps you manage it. Regardless of your industry, you should be interested in knowing how to improve your visibility and the audit helps you do just that. You also want to be sure that your current or previous SEO partner has done their job well. In short, you should be interested in getting a SEO audit if one or more of the following are true

  • You have a search engine optimization partner and you want to ensure that they are doing the right things to improve your visibility
  • You have an inhouse team focused on doing search engine optimization and you want the ability to understand their efforts
  • Your site has been issued a warning by Google and don’t know how to fix the situation
  • Your main focus is either buying or purchasing and you want to get a good estimation about your website’s visibility

Sofokus Search Engine Optimization Audit

The auditing package for search engine optimization is a evaluation about the search engine visibility of you website.
At the end of the audit process we go through the results and agree a development path to increase the search engine visibility.

Sofokus SEO-audit includes:

  • A comprehensive analysis of the current state of your web services.
  • Recommendations for development of your website to increase the searh engine visibility  based on the best practices
  • Competitor analysis to provide comprehension about the competition in the search rankings
  • Keyword analysis which can be used as a guide for search engine optimization and to create content and search engine marketing
  • Consulting  wherein the results are reviewed and a development path for search engine visibility is created.

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